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Mahbod Moghadam (Ma-h-Bode Mow-Gha-Damn) is an Iranian-American internet entrepreneur and investor. [47] He is currently Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Mucker Capital.

Moghadam is a former co-founder and Chief Community Officer of Everipedia, and was formerly a co-founder of Rap Genius (now known as Genius), which he started in 2009 with Tom Lehman. [47] Moghadam graduated

Mahbod Moghadam showing <a class="tooltippable" data-username="50cent" href="/50cent/">50 Cent</a> how to annotate his lyrics on Genius
Mahbod Moghadam showing 50 Cent how to annotate his lyrics on Genius

from Yale University in 2004, magna cum laude, majoring in History and International Studies. He was in Phi Beta Kappa and received distinction in both majors. [68]


Moghadam attended Birmingham High School in Van Nuys, California before attending Yale University. He attended Stanford Law and graduated in 2008 with a J.D. He was also a Fulbright Scholar to France. Moghadam is an avid pianist having played since he was 15. [12]

Moghadam had a brief career as a child actor and starred in Persian films and plays. [83]


Moghadam was an attorney at the law firm of Dewey & LeBoeuf upon graduating law school in 2008. [68]

Moghadam resigned from Genius in 2014 after receiving negative media attention for writing annotations on maniacal shooter Elliot Rodger's manifesto on his own website. [57] After leaving Genius, Moghadam received substantial media attention for writing an article in Thought Catalog about stealing from Whole Foods chains predominantly in the Bay Area and Southern California. [19] The article was entitled "How To Steal From Whole Foods". In 2016, he switched his loyalty to Ralphs while Everipedia was at its first headquarters located in Westwood, Los Angeles. When Everipedia moved to Santa Monica, Moghadam since has patronized Erewhon Market Los Angeles as well as Whole Foods.

Moghadam published his first book Poems + Writings Banned from in 2015. It sold over a few thousand copies. [95] [90]

Pitching <a class="tooltippable" data-mce-href="/everipedia/" data-username="everipedia" href="/everipedia/">Everipedia</a> with founder <a class="tooltippable" data-mce-href="/samkazemian12/" data-username="samkazemian12" href="/samkazemian12/">Sam Kazemian</a>
Pitching Everipedia with founder Sam Kazemian

Moghadam currently works full-time on Everipedia. He met Sam Kazemian in 2015 when he was giving a talk at UCLA and was immediately captivated by the earliest version of Everipedia. Kazemian showed Moghadam his Everipedia page and Moghadam was very excited because he had always wanted a Wikipedia page, and several people had made him one, but Wikipedia kept deleting it.

He and Kazemian, along with co-founders Theodor Forselius and Travis Moore, raised seed funding from Mucker Capital and commenced the revolution of knowledge. [✔]

In August of 2018, Moghadam was featured in a skit on Sacha Baron Cohen's " Who Is America? " [105] Moghadam has stated he was misled by Cohen of the nature of the program and blames the incident for causing his 2nd brain tumor due to stress. [106]

Angel Investments

Moghadam is an angel investor in Coinbase, Helpr, Polymail, Burrow Sofa, Yoshi Fuel, Squire Technologies, and Flexport. He also owns Bitcoin and Ethereum. [✔] [✔]

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