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Magdalena Gronowska [2]​ is a Senior Managing Partner at LUMO with 10 years experience accelerating Canada to a clean and innovation based economy.


Magdalena has 10 years of experience accelerating Ontario (Canada) to a clean and innovation-based economy where she led multiple complex $100 million to $billion projects and advised at the highest levels of provincial government on innovation, sustainability, energy and economic policies. Magdalena designed and launched multi-$million initiatives to help businesses start up and scale, access capital and adopt technology in Canada. She was the chief design architect and launched Ontario's $29 million Small Business Innovation Challenge [1]​, a platform for SMEs to develop and test innovative technologies to public sector challenges, funding innovative solutions like blockchain digital identity. 

Magdalena [3]​is driven to move the dial on sustainability and has focused much of her career on designing solutions that leverage technology and private markets for maximum environmental and social impact. While working in government, she designed and launched multiple $100+ million projects that deploy low-carbon technologies throughout the economy and reduce energy poverty. She is currently dedicated to finding innovative solutions to business, sustainability or market challenges through disruptive technologies like blockchain. 


Magdalena holds a HBSc and MASc from the University of Toronto.

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