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Madeta a. s. is a Czech food company engaged in milk processing and dairy production. The company's plants process 1.5 million liters of milk per day, producing more than 240 kinds of products such as Niva (blue cheese) and spread butter and exporting their products to 15 countries.[1]


- The company was founded in 1901 in Tábor under the name of the Dairy Cooperative of Tábor. The abbreviation of the initial letters of this name was later created (as an acronym) by the brand MADETA, which was registered in 1944.

  • 1906 the construction of the dairy in Tábor was completed.
    - 1913 largest milk processor in the Czech Republic.
    - 1945 MADETA became the official name of the cooperative.
    - 1951 Nationalization MADETY.
    - 1960 establishment of the South Bohemian dairy, under which MADETA.
    - 1992 restructuring and concentration of production.
    - 2002 change of the company name to MADETA, a. s.[2]

Where is it produced

- Planá nad Lužnicí - The dairy started operations in 1968.In 1995, extensive modernization was completed and Madeta Planá became the largest producer of hard natural and semi-hard cheeses in the Czech Republic.

- Jindřichův Hradec - Madeta in Jindřichův Hradec was founded in 1973 when the operation of a milk dryer with a capacity of 180 thousand liters of milk per day was started.The establishment specializes mainly in the production of milk desserts Lipánek or Lahůdka.In 2012, the production of South Bohemian cottage moved to Jindřichův Hradec.

- Pelhřimov - Josef Pejcl's private dairy was built in Pelhřimov in 1942. An extensive reconstruction of the plant was carried out in the 1980s.Madeta Pelhřimov has one of the most modern technologies for processing long-life milk.

- Český Krumlov - Madeta Český Krumlov is the largest producer of blue cheese in the Czech Republic with an annual capacity of 2000 tons.


- Approximately a quarter of the production goes abroad. To Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, European Union States, Asia, Africa and America.

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