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Lukas Kintzel [1] [2] (born in Berlin; February 6, 2001; German) is a german entrepreneur, influencer and speaker. First known as a young salesman with a built team of over 50+ people in an age of 16. However, Lukas is most known for his media agency, the WhiteLion Agency . [3] ​ A company which helps businesses and individuals improove their branding by helping with marketing and design. Shortly after the foundation of his first company, together with his two best friends Tom Holzhauer and Hansfried Schmelzer he also founded IndiBrace [4] , a multifunctional marketing enterprise which links products with marketing.


Early Life

Kintzel was born February 6th 2001 in Berlin, where he still lives for 17 years. He is still going into the 12th class in the school "Schloss Torgelow" in which he does his school degree. In November 2014, Lukas started with esports in which he later got pretty successful. In total he attended over eight offline tournaments in Belgium and France. August 2017 he ended his career as a young esports player to focus on other things. [5]

Sales Man

After quitting his esports career Lukas looked for new opportunities. Randomly he met his old friends Tom Holzhauer and Hansfried Schmelzer which then introduced him into the world of selling. The three boys built a sales team with more than 60 people. Through social media and affiliate marketing they were able to make a team turnover of over 500.000€.

WhiteLion Agency

Hansfried, Tom and Lukas always had a lot of passion for building businesses and improoving brandings. Because of their passion they decided to found the media company WhiteLion Agency. Since then, they had clients like the Brandendenburg Tag 2018 and small/middle enterprises like RacePool99, Eleven and much more. [8]


Leaded by the WhiteLion Agency, IndiBrace (in that time still a theoretical company) won the award for beeing the best youth enterprise in the province Brandenburg 2018. In late May the young team was nominated for the JUNIOR Bundeswettbewerb as one of the best youth start ups in Germany. After their successfull performance the founders decided to officially found the

Bundeswettbewerb JUNIOR in which IndiBrace was nominated as one of the best youth start ups in Germany

company. [6]


Next to all the businesses and individuals they help growing, the team also organizes events in which they teach youth entrepreneurs about the basics of youth entrepreneurship, e.g. founding a business, building a brand, finances, marketing and co.



In the end of 2017 Lukas Kintzel returned to his old esports passion by investing multiple sums in the team "Vertex" - leaded by Christopher Wiesel. [7] ​ Team Vertex has accomplished a lot in games like Call of Duty, Hearthstone, CSGO and more.

Social Media Presence


Lukas Kintzel driving the Lamborghini Gallardo from RacePool99

With a total count of 8.200 followers on Instagram, Lukas is a micro influencer who daily interacts with his supporters. Because he travels most of the time, there is lots of stuff to show to his fan base. However, Kintzel also started a new podcast, called "Audio Advice" in which he gives advice to young people whose goal is to found an own business.

Even though there is not much time left for other projects, his team and himself started a new youtube experiment called "DailyLion". [10] ​ In that experiment the young entrepreneurs documentated their life to inspire more young people to follow their passion. The WhiteLion Agency also produces commercials and image-moovies which are also shared on their social media appearences. [11]

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