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Louis Coniglio (born July 17th, 1990) is an entrepreneur from Edison, NJ ​. [3] ​ He is the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of DankStop.com, the largest online headshop in the world. [4]

Early Life and Education

Louis is a native of Edison, NJ ​. Some people that that inspired him growing up that would affect him later in life include Ray Dalio ​, Bill Gates ​, and Elon Musk ​. Louis attended John P. Stevens High School ​  where he was one of the best entrepreneurs in his grade and graduated in 2009. Afterward Louis attended Middlesex County College ​ for an associates degree in business. [2]

Career and Entrepreneurship

Louis Coniglio and Bernie Sanders

Louis was living in Brooklyn ​ when he started to growth hacking social media accounts. At the time, Louis was in the Carpenters Union working jobs in the city, while at the same time working at his older brothers pizzeria, Williamsburg Pizza. What initially started as a hobby became a new source of income. [2]

Louis then decided to utilize his growth hacking skills to launch a brand. After reaching out to his old friend Feliks Khaykin and brainstorming ideas, they decided to enter the cannabis space and sell smoking products online. They would call their online retailer DankStop ​ which grew to be the largest online headshop in the world. [4]

DankStop currently has a team of 40 and are growing month after month with an annual revenue of over $10 million. They are also the first headshop to ever be mentioned in Forbes Magazine. [4]

Personal Life

In Louis’ free time he enjoys traveling, reading, trying new restaurants, and spending time with his friends and family. He stays active in the gym about 5 days per week and enjoys snowboarding. [3]

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