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Loanhead of Daviot is a circular monument and recumbent stone circle ​ in Grampian ​, Scotland ​. It was excavated in 1932 by H.E. Killbride-Jones and is conserved for public access. [1] [2] [5] ​ It is estimated to have been built somewhere between 2500 and 1200BC. [1]

A massive stone, lying down to the South of the circle is a prominent feature that measures 3.4 metres long and 2.1 metres high with flanking pillars to the side. [1] [4] ​ There is a flattened, rectangular, Bronze Age cairn ​ in the middle of the stone circle that has been described as a " mortuary ​ pit" and the circular monument as a " cremation ​ cemetary". The cremated remains of several adults and infants were found during excavation among Bronze Age food vessels. Beneath the cairn was found the remains of a large willow ​ fire, suggested to have been a pyre ​, upon which the stones were later placed.

Alexander Thom ​ defined the Loanhead circle as a "definite elipse". [10] [11]

Julian Cope ​ visited the site on 23rd July 1992. He noted it stands 400 yards north-north-east of Newcraig stone circle. He described the flattened cairn as having a kerb and noted the massive recumbent had been eroded and "shattered along its full legnth, giving the impression of two thinner, recumbent stones". Cope creatively described the giant stone as a "megalithic double-bladed razor blade". [13]

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