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Liquineq is a permissioned, multi-tier Blockchain ​-based financial platform optimized to address the inefficiencies in the existing Banking system ​. The Liquineq platform is also designed to address new challenges, such as those posed by slow blockchain performance, revocation or redemption of tokens that are stolen or lost and compliance problems faced by most cryptocurrencies and many blockchain solutions. [1]


The Liquineq platform enables real time ​, peer-to-peer value exchange and payment services across borders with integral compliance and KYC ​ certification between fiat money, decentralized currencies, and other asset classes.

It is designed to enable financial inclusion and partnering with existing banking institutions, using transparent, highly-secure access available to everyone via the Liquineq platform. The company is based in Zug, Switzerland. The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority recognizes the company’s tokens as a means of payment. [1]


Customers can set up and fund an account with a participating bank using Liquineq in minutes, simply by downloading the Liquineq enabled mobile wallet and answering a few easy questions. Debit cards can also be linked to the wallet, allowing instant access to funds deposited with a bank.

Liquineq platform supports both global and local blockchains for each of its tokens and has been designed from the ground-up for performance, security, and compliance – more than 25 independent patent claims have been filed so far and the company’s unique blockchain architecture that scales to more than a million of transactions per second.

This is significantly faster than current Bitcoin and current Ethereum solutions that currently support under 10 transactions per second. The goal of the Liquideum blockchain architecture is to enable financial institutions to transition virtually without risk or capital investment,transitioning this business from a mainframe-based high capital and operational expense business model, to an ultra-low, pay-as-you-go operating expense model. [1]

Other key facets of the Liquineq architecture include:  Local banking partners manage all local currency payments with funds held by the partner bank​s, Instant wallet-to-wallet funds transfer settlements – locally and globally​, Multiple currencies contained in the same wallet​, End-to-End KYC and AML coverage, Mobile-centric application with APIs and desktop support, Advanced resilience and security model Liquineq’s management team and advisory board are composed of world-renowned figures in the commercial and central banking systems as well as seasoned technology executives that include former members of Israel’s elite technical army unit. [1]

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