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LiquidEOS is an EOS block producer ​ candidate based in Israel and led by Bancor. [1] ​ Bancor builds open-source technologies that facilitate fair and automated conversions between blockchain-based tokens. As the largest decentralized solution for token conversions on the Ethereum blockchain, Bancor has gained invaluable experience scaling a high-volume decentralized network, and we are eager to contribute our expertise and resources as an EOS Block Producer to promote the increasing adoption of blockchain technologies. [2] [3]

Logo of LiquidEOS that has been shared on their social media.

Their block production servers will be in Military Grade Facilities Throughout Israel ​. [4]


Public Presence

Medium: [5]

Twitter: [6]

BitcoinTalk: [7]

Reddit: [8]

GitHub: [9]

Facebook: [10]

YouTube: [11]

Instagram: [12]

LinkedIn: [13]

ID on Steemit

  • Steemit ID: @bancor-network [14]
  • Official block producer candidate name : LiquidEOS [15]
  • Location of company headquarters: Israel [16]
  • Expected location of servers: Military Grade Facilities in Israel [17]
  • Type of servers: Google Cloud Load Balancer and will also utilize BGP routing.
  • Current employee list and pictures of at least 67% of staff & Relevant background qualifications for at least 67% of staff
    • Galia Benartzi (Head of Business Development) [18]
    • Eyal Hertzog (Product Architect) [19]
    • Guy Benartzi (CEO) [20]
    • Yudi Levi (CTO) [21]
    • Ilana Pinhas (VP Engineering) [22]
    • Miri Bickel (Head of Legal Operations) [23]


Galia Benartzi - Head of Business Development
Galia is a serial tech entrepreneur & Head of Business Development at Bancor. She previously co-founded Mytopia, the first social gaming company for smartphones (acquired by 888) and Particle Code, a cross-platform mobile development technology (acquired by Appcelerator). In 2013, Galia moved from Silicon Valley to Tel Aviv to support and invest in Israeli technology as a Venture Partner at Founders Fund, where she also launched numerous local currency pilots to model, build and test software for community currencies. [24]

Eyal Hertzog - Product Architect
Eyal is the Co-founder and Product Architect of Bancor. Previously Eyal founded MetaCafe, which was at one time the third largest video site in the world. Before that, Eyal founded Contact Networks, one of the first social networks in 1999. Eyal has been an outspoken thought leader on cryptocurrency since 2011. [25]

Guy Benartzi - CEO
Guy is the Co-founder of Bancor and oversees its business strategy and operations. Before Bancor, Guy co-founded Mytopia in 2006 and served as its CEO until 2010. He then co-founded Particle Code, and then AppCoin, which developed the largest custom currency platform before the advent of smart contracts. [26]

Yudi Levi - CTO
Yudi has been a venture-backed technology entrepreneur for over 15 years. He was the co-founder and CTO of Mytopia, Particle Code and AppCoin. Yudi spearheads the technology creation team at Bancor, including development of smart contracts and overall architecture of Bancor’s technology and products. [27]

Ilana Pinhas - VP Engineering
Ilana has over 15 years of experience in software engineering, and 6 years in algo-trading. As Bancor’s VP of engineering, Ilana specializes in designing and building server-side infrastructure and internal frameworks as well as technical training and team performance. [28]

Miri Bickel - Head of Legal Operations
A dual-qualified accountant and lawyer, Miri was recognized as a "leading individual" in international tax law by Chambers Global . Miri oversees the tax department at Shibolet & Co., the fourth largest corporate law firm in Israel. She specializes in counseling clients involved with blockchain technology, smart contracts and crypto token models. [29]

Illustration of the servers and the Block Production done by LiquidEOS.

Tech Specs

After carefully considering all hardware solutions, evaluating industry benchmarks, and participating in community discussion, they have selected what they believe to be the best topology for our BP network architecture. [30]

  • Utilizes two locations with matching hardware to achieve geographical dispersion.
  • Dual data centers are fortified within the most secure subterranean facilities in Israel, 15 meters underground and with distinct physical separation between the hosting rooms and support system rooms.
  • In each location, Block Producers aren’t directly connected to the Internet, and participate in block production through two full nodes.
  • Full nodes are connected to the Internet behind a firewall with two different Internet providers.
  • The public endpoint for the system is behind a Google Cloud Load Balancer and will also utilize BGP routing. This provides the highest level of DDoS mitigation and protection against DDoS attacks. [31]

Hardware Launch Plan (by June 3, 2018)

  • LAN Network Storage
  • Intel Xeon 16 cores 2.4 GHz 128GB RAM X2 - Full Nodes
  • Intel Xeon 16 cores 2.4 GHz 128GB RAM X1 - Block Producers
  • Backup UPS for 72 hours
  • Router - 1gbe
  • Firewall - 1gbe
  • Switch 10gbe - Internal
  • Switch 1gbe - For Internet Facing Subnet [32]

Youtube Video
Introducing the Bancor Protocol.

Scaling Plan

  • Their BP network will scale servers and RAM as needed to maintain optimal throughput as the EOS network grows.
  • Utilize world-class VHDL developers to build and support the creation of open-source hardware acceleration for EOS. This includes public code for accelerating low-level virtual machine (LLVM), hashing math and eventually an EOS processor, to increase bandwidth and transactions per second on EOS.
  • Advance open-source development efforts in custom Kernel and LLVM optimizations in order to achieve higher TPS on the same hardware.
  • Maintain maximum network flexibility and constant communication with the EOS community (via the official EOS BP & Testnet Telegram channels) to integrate ever-evolving industry best practices. [33]

Community Projects

The Bancor team is based in Israel ​, one of the world’s leading hubs for blockchain innovation. Israel is a hotbed for blockchain developer talent and crypto startup creation, with graduates of top technical universities and intelligence units of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) flocking to the space. Members of Bancor’s technical team hail from Unit 8200, the elite intelligence unit of the IDF, and formally advise numerous blockchain projects based in Israel. [34]

In addition to their global presence, Bancor has played a major role in building Israel’s thriving blockchain ecosystem. They continue to expand our regional community efforts, with direct financial support and advisory roles in local crypto projects, along with hosting and speaking at developer meetups and local EOS community events. [35]

LiquidEOS servers are located in the most secure military-grade facilities in Israel. Both of their data centers are 15 meters underground, and there is distinct physical separation between the hosting rooms and the support system rooms. Their design and engineering characteristics make them exceptional in their scale and survivability. [36]

As a worldwide leader in solar power and sustainability, Israel is an ideal place to create an environmentally-friendly data center for the LiquidEOS project. They pledge to commit significant resources to ensure the LiquidEOS data center is not only heavily fortified but also a shining example of sustainable crypto infrastructure. [37]

Telegram + Testnet

LiquidEOS Telegram: @BPLiquidEOS [38]

Bancor Telegram: @Bancor [39]

Block Producer Roadmap

Bancor will pursue an aggressive BP timeline leading up to and following the launch of the EOS Mainnet. Our top objectives as a BP candidate are as follows: [40]

Increase EOS network performance and blockchain security, while improving access to developer and end-user technologies built on EOS

  • Utilize world-class VHDL developers to build and support the creation of open-source hardware acceleration for EOS. This includes public code for accelerating low-level virtual machine (LLVM), hashing math and eventually an EOS processor, to increase bandwidth and transactions per second on EOS.
  • Advance open-source development efforts in custom Kernel and LLVM optimizations.
  • Facilitate the efficient cross-chain flow of tokens between EOS, Ethereum and any blockchain where dApp creators are building. [41]

Accelerate the adoption and usability of EOS dApps

  • Make token creation and conversion an efficient, automated, low cost service on EOS, so value can flow more freely through decentralized networks.
  • Reduce vulnerabilities to trader manipulation & market instability. [42]

Distribute EOS inflation rewards to help communities everywhere create and share value

  • Incubate teams and provide grants to projects that advance the EOS blockchain as well as developers building open-source software on the network.
  • Sponsor and advise social impact-driven innovations such as local currency creation projects, basic income tokens, tokenized public services, etc. Current pilot projects include:
    • Grassroots Economics,a non-profit foundation that aims to empower marginalized communities through community currency programs, is partnering with Bancor to enable African communities to create and manage their own token as a means of stimulating economic growth and job creation.
    • Unconditional Basic Income Smart Tokens.
    • Tokenization of Public Services based on Bancor Smart Token model. [43]

Position on Dividends

Proceeds from Block Producer inflation rewards will be reinvested into EOS community development, blockchain security and performance, and community currency creation globally to promote the long tail of user-generated currencies which will ultimately expand usage of EOS blockchain. [44]

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