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Lindsey Maule is a Chinese American who is the CEO and Founding Partner at Luna Capital.

Early Life

Lindsey was born in China and adopted by an American family around the age of three. Lindsey is the only adopted child of three children to her retired father and mother who were Missionaries and Preachers. She was raised in the Carolinas.


Lindsey graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [8] with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. Lindsey studied Statistics and Economics from high school to college. She began investing in cryptocurrencies in 2013 with her friends in college.

Lindsey attended Nation Ford High School, which is when her fascination with financial markets, statistics and economics began. She decided her path after completing a high school internship at Wells Fargo in 2011.


Lindsey began investing in high school and in cryptocurrencies in college. In early 2017, she began a small friends and family fund.

Shortly after moving to San Francisco post graduation, Lindsey's passion for investing, technology, and blockchain was noticed by several people, including Charles Hudson, the Founding Managing Partner of Precursor Ventures.

Precursor Ventures

Precursor Ventures, founded by Charles Hudson, is known to invest in people and ideas at their unproven, nascent stages. Following their reputation, Charles Hudson asked Lindsey to join Precursor Ventures as the Head of Cryptocurrency Research. She was the fourth hire.

Alongside Sequoia and Andreessen Horowitz, Precursor Ventures became one of the first Silicon Valley venture firms to hire someone focused on crypto and blockchain.

Luna Capital

By mid-2017, Lindsey embarked to build a crypto-asset hedge fund and brought on two Co-founders. Luna Capital focuses on new generation protocols and has around 30 investors that are wealth individuals and institutions, including Precursor Ventures and LYVC, a $3 Billion USD firm in China.

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