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Cameron Sutton (known professionally as Mr $limey and formerly known as Lil Gizmo, born on October 31, 1997) is an American rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is best known for his single "Go Hard" featuring Willie Clay. [1] [2]


Cameron Sutton, who goes by the stage name of Lil Gizmo started writing music at the age of 10 but didn’t take anything serious until later in his teens. He began recording music at home when he bought some studio equipment for himself with his first job at Kennywood .

As he got older, he had gotten better and better with writing music by the age 15. He created his first mixtape when he was 16.

Over the years, he had been going through some problems with jobs that left him under a shell for quite awhile which made him almost wanna give up on his dream to get into the music industry. That was until he got his first big job at Dave and busters. That’s when his dream got pushed and where he started earning a good amount of cash to help pay for studio time.

His first studio session was with a local engineer and producer Garrett Gratton where he dropped his first single. eventually he got in contact with E.Dan from ID.LABS.

Cameron also had linked up with another artist, Willie Clay, known for the track "Big Boi Dance" back in 2010.

Lil Gizmo and Willie Clay collaborated on July 29, 2018 on a single called Go Hard. The song received 5,000 plays in the matter of days.

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