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LetterPress Chocolate is an award-winning a bean to bar chocolate factory located in Los Angeles, California.[1] [2]

David and Corey Menkes started making chocolate in their apartment in 2014 as Cottage Food Operation. They moved into their present location in the South Robertson neighborhood of Los Angeles in 2016.[3] [4] [7]

In 2018, LetterPress Chocolate opened their retail store and began offering tours to the public of the factory, located at the same address.[10]

LetterPress Chocolate sources cacao beans from around the world and manufacture every stage of production within their facility, which can be seen with a tour ticket. LetterPress Chocolate also invests directly with cacao farms, including Maya Mountain Cacao in Belize and Izabal Agroforest in Guatemala, the former which LetterPress won a Silver Sofi Award from the Specialty Food Association in 2017.[3] [2]

In 2015, LetterPress Chocolate began working with Ucayali River Cacao in Peru, and have won several awards for their Ucayali Private Reserve Chocolate bar, including the World Silver at the International Chocolate Awards in London, the Academy of Chocolate Award for Best Packaging, as well as a StarChef’s Rising Star Artisan Award in Los Angeles.[9] [8]

Many of their bars are made without dairy or soy, and are vegan-friendly. The company does make a limited number of dairy products, including their white chocolate and some milk chocolate in a limited capacity.


As of 2018, the company manufactures approximately 4,000 chocolate bars per month.

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