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Everybody loves online slots, including myself. They are quick, easy, super fun and a great way to earn some extra money. One of today’s most popular staples for online casinos is the slot machine, a casino game that approximately every single player has tried at some point in time. Its basic game structure and showy yet familiar visuals are both refreshing and alluring. Real money slot machine games bring players in, sometimes for hours upon hours without them even realizing it. Slots are immersive; slots are fun; it’s been said there’s a slot for everyone! One thing is for sure – the speed of change and growth for online casino slots is fantastic. As we go through 2019, I believe to see them getting even better, so stay tuned!

Online slots are the most popular sort of online casino games in the world. Despite where a player might be playing from, top online slots casinos around the globe offer significantly more slot titles when related to all other game types. Some of the world's most successful online casinos even offer hundreds of video slot titles.

With such great interest, online video slots tend to be the focal spot of most players' queries into online casino games. In hopes of explaining some of those questions, as well as any others players might not even know they had, here's a complete guide to all-things of 2019 new online slots.

When we look at the casino game developers who have come into the industry in the past few years, we realize that majority of them wanted to develop great social and mobile casino applications. This is common because casino games are no longer restricted to desktops; they are recognized as a social connection tool. For the same reason, almost all the new slot machines emphasize a modern program system and advanced graphics.

This article is devoted to the latest slots in 2019. Of course, you can ask: why would I play the new slot games? There are numerous familiar slots with the same reels and the same betting opportunities, so what is the point in attempting new slots? We’ve got the answer. It depends on the provider of the game, but, in general, the new slot games have various significant advantages when associated with their old-fashioned counterparts.

The Reasons Behind the Popularity of New Online Slots

Slots players have several different reasons for approaching specific online slots, but most of the best online slots of 2019 have one or more of the following features:

  1. Many Ways to Win - The most obvious advantage that online slots give players are the high number of opportunities to win. Maximum standard casino slot machines only highlight three pay reels with one central payline across the center. As the reels are fixed in position, only a restricted number of symbols can seem.
  2. Many Ways to Play - The extensive reel options are combined with the full-screen display so that rather than one strip to win on, players can win over many paylines, generally in the range of 20 or 30. With the interest of bonus rounds, scatter symbols and wild card symbols, some of the more latest online video slots offer players as many as 243 ways to win from one single spin of the reel.
  3. Higher Chance to Win - Due to the more significant number of ways to win, players are generally expected to win more often than in real life casinos. According to a study of the random 5 cent slot machines in Las Vegas, the highest scoring slot gave an average return of 93.42%.
  4. Modern Graphics - Slots are no longer old machines of bells, ribbons, and cherries, but ultra-modern happenings that can look more like an epic video game than a one-armed highwayman. The best slots have the modern, eye-catching graphics and gameplay.
  5. Progressive Jackpots - Even if you play slots[1] for entertainment you still dream of gaining a massive multi-million-dollar jackpot, don’t you? The famous online slots manage to be progressive jackpot games that provide the opportunity of life-changing money.
  6. Comparing Payout Percentages - When talk about comparing the best and worst paying online slots, the worst payout percentages were around as significant as the best land-based casino slots, whereas the best games offered a long-term return to player payout percentage of 97-99%.
  7. Reliable Payout Style - Maximum online slots have related Return to Player percentages, but some are high volatility, and others are low volatility. Several players like one or the other or land in the center, but consistency is important.

New Online Slots by Developers <a href="https://topkuwaitcasinos.com/" target="_blank">top kuwait casinos</a>

The traditional and well-established firms of the industry continue to develop new slot games too, of course. Following are the few firms who developed new online slots:

  1. Microgaming: Some of the latest slots developed by the company are Jungle Jim El Dorado, Hot as Hades, Tarzan, Jurassic Park, Playboy Online, and Bridesmaids.
  2. NetEnt: Netent is developing VR slot machines. Its new online slots consist of the following games: Alien Robots, Attraction, Secret of the Stones, Finn Swirly, and Blood Suckers 2.
  3. Aristocrat: Aristocrat Gaming has developed lots of new games to its branded slot machine set over the last few years. These carry titles such as Britney Spears, Sharknado, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory Jackpot Multiverse, and The Walking Dead 2.
  4. Novomatic: Some of Novomatic’s latest slots are: Venus, Plenty of Fruit, From Dusk Till Dawn, Roaring Wilds, and Book of Ra: Temple of Gold.
  5. WMS: WMS now develops all of its new slots under the Scientific Games name. Some examples are Monopoly Money, Johnny Cash, Willy Wonka World of Wonka, The Simpsons, National Lampoon’s Vacation, and The Godfather.
  6. IGT: One of the largest software provider companies in the industry, IGT developed several new slots, all of which have mobile platform support. Some examples are Zillion Gators, Lucky Hot 7s, Golden Eagle, Panda Palace, House of Cards, and Oceans of Gold.
  7. Playtech: Playtech did not provide any new games, but improved most of its old games. Some examples are Dirty Dancing, Ice Cave, Age of the Gods, RoboCop, and Heart of the Frontier.

New Online Slots with New Features

The new releases by the well-known casino games providers usually are packed with the new features that can’t be seen in standard slots that were launched several years ago. They are intended to attract more players, make the new slot more interactive and engaging and, ultimately, to improve your possibilities to win. Among the most notable changes in the new online casino games we can name the following:

  • Wild symbol: The new slots games utilized the simple Wild symbol into the main game component, and now it has a collection of different forms. There are the Stacked Wilds that include the whole reel and generate a lot of winning sequences at a time, the Walking Wilds that run from one reel to another every time providing you one Free Spin, the Sticky Wilds that stay on the place during some spins and turn the new slots into the money-giving machine, and several others.
  • Scatter symbol: If you take a look at the traditional slots, you’ll understand that lots of them required a wow factor to inspire you to play more and have more pleasure in the process. On the other side, the new releases of slot machines keep you caught with scatter symbols that generally mean more money for you once you enable them. Once such symbols of the game are enabled, you get extra bonuses like free spins and multipliers on your winnings.
  • Bonus round: While in the traditional games bonus rounds usually look like the regular ones, but with a few Free Spins awarded, the newest slots sometimes are more like the full-fledged video games than the simple gambling outcomes. In the new slots, bonus games became exciting and now involve the gambler into the gaming process. Now you are not just tapping the button but affect the game outcome. In the new online casino free slot games, you may be required to pick the box with the Free Spins, find the clean way to the cash or even play the short Battleship game. In conclusion, you can get the almost infinite number of Free Spins and thus win a lot of cash.

Though, you must understand that due to the significant variations that came from the additional highlights some of the new slots out there are not simple to play for some players. Thankfully, it just takes getting used to, and the more you play, the more closely the new hits get as time goes by. As a player, you should attempt the new slots if you are looking to get more profits!

  • Winning lines: The first casino games only had one to three winning lines which caused them not so profitable. But in the new video slots, this figure is sometimes extended to thousands! A lot of potential winning lines mean a lot of cash, so the new slots are more profitable than traditional ones.
  • Rumbling reels: Many newly released slots machines turn the reels once more after the player scores a winning.

Of course, these new beneficial features make the new slots more complex and a little bit tough to get into, but at the same time, they make the new casino slot plays more profitable and more joy to play. You can instantly get bored with the traditional slot but the new free slot will a thousand of potential winning sequences, and different kinds of Wilds can easily entertain you for hours.

New Online Slots with New Casino Promotions

The best element of the latest online slots developed is that every time the new free slot machine games appear, the casinos are bouncing out of the surface to promote them and draw more players. So what does it intend for players? The best advertisements and bonuses! For the maximum of the new casino games online these are, for instance:

  • Increased progressive jackpot: In the progressive jackpot slots, as we mentioned already, the number of possible winnings depends on the number of players betting their cash on the game. The slots new for the casino are generally played by several players which means you have more opportunities to win a massive jackpot while playing the online new slots than the ones that have been there for a long time.
  • No deposit bonus: When the excellent new online casino slots are launched, the casinos grant a small no deposit for the new players to attract new players and enable them to perform the new slots free of cost. No deposit bonus indicates you are making a certain amount of cash to play new slots online immediately after you create your online casino account. It’s an excellent method to try new online slots for free but without suffering that real money casino sense.
  • Free Spins: For those players who desire to play new slots online but don’t desire to bet the real money on it quickly, online casinos provide some Free Spins, so that the player can try to play new slots for free of cost and determine whether it’s worth betting money or not. This kind of advertisement is usually held for the latest online casino slots developed by the industry heads like NetEnt, PlayTech or IGT and are widely advertised on the casino websites and in the newsletters. But if you want to play new slots by the smaller providers and like doing it for free, you can always find all the new free casino games over the web.

Opt for the Right Online Slot for You

Ultimately, whether or not you think a new online slot is deserved the excitement is entirely up to you. Every online slots player is different and likes different features of the online slot. Now that you’ve got info about new online slot of 2019, you need to choose a reliable and rewarding online casino. If you know what you like, you don’t have to worry about searching through thousands of games at dozens of casinos – check online reviews and find the slot that suits you.

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