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Le Palais Chehab is a mediabook designed and produced by the Association for the Protection of Lebanese Heritage (APLH). The mediabook is the first they have produced in the Chroniques Liban series, produced as a joint work with the Chehab family, and the huge support of the Spanish embassador Milagros H Echevarria [2]

Contents of the mediabook

The Palais Chehab, now home of the Spanish Embassy in Lebanon is the subject of the mediabook, which was launched on 2 October 2015, during a private function attended by high profile personalities including former interior minister Ziad Baroud, the Chief of the municipality of Hadat, George Aoun (whose municipality generously supported the APLH in the production efforts of the book), Anne-Marie Ofeiche (representing the ministry of Culture), representatives of the Chehab family, the Cochrane family, Mr Pierre Issa and a select number of invitees. The event was covered by LBCI for their culture news section. [2]

Cover of the mediabook

The APLH intended to release their first book as a MediaBook box-set format due to its unconventional nature and the scope of this format: The box set includes the book, as well as a DVD about the Palais Chehab’s history, the APLH history and a short documentary about the endangered heritage of Beirut. Also, as a homage to the Chehabs for taking the painstaking but rewarding task of documenting their history. A captain’s log is also included in the box set package, made of high quality acid-free 135g sketchbook grade paper. As such, the Mediabook combines traditional media (book and sketchbook) with modern technology (DVD, QR code and online links) and adheres to the APLH philosophy of linking our past with our present to realize our future. [2]

Members of the APLH at the mediabook launh

The log and the book both contain all links and contacts to the APLH and most notably, the APLH crowdmap. The box set is available in a 500 copies limited edition print. [2]

The Spanish embassador and her staff, The Philippe Jabre Foundation, Mme Youmna Chehab, The Hadat Municipality, Volver Travel, Mr Chucri Sayegh, Moussallem group, L'Orient Le Jour have all supported this project. [2]

L'Orient Le Jour published an article about the mediabook highlighting the DVD shows architect Nathalie Chahine el-Chabab reporting on the "different phases of construction" and the different techniques of construction involved. [3]

The APLH's second mediabook is called L'Hippodrome Du Parc .

APLH stand at the book signing

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