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Laird Ed. or S. Ye Laird is a translator. [5], and associate editor emeritus on BetterThanStarbucks (2016 - June2018), a.k.a. 《胜过星吧客 - 不寻常的诗界》, sales director for Colin James III's company [20] , reader at large on Paper Republic, also owner of a translation services LLP, registered under auspicious jurisdiction of Mercer County registrar of small biz, NJ. [6] Discovered Everipedia on its own [8], like Kuro5hin good old days. [8] Their team is also active on examining Q&A platform tech, e.g. Quora for similar deployment elsewhere. [7]

1943年上海開埠後,南洋涇浜(今延安東路)成了英國人和葡萄牙人商船的停靠處。洋涇浜兩岸的當地居民在與外國人的往來中,開始學會了一些英語單詞;而外國人為了能與上海本地人更方便地交流,也儘量使用一些簡單的短句,這就使得洋涇浜地區出現了一種混合著中式語法和英語單詞的奇怪語言,在語言學上被稱為「洋涇浜語」。 [9] [10]

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Original published in Feb. 2017 on BetterThanStarbucks
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