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King of Equations is an entitlement globally attributed to Bibhorr formula ​. Post the publications by Oodham Research Team, the formula soon globally achieved the name King of Equations. Since then various books have been published in the name of this title. [1]

About the formula

Bibhorr formula (also called King of Equations ) is a mathematical equation ​ for establishing a relation between the sides and angle of a right triangle ​. The formula is a simplistic substitution to trigonometry ​ as it is devoid of trigonometric functions ​. The equation demonstrates the relation of angle with the sides without implementing trigonometric functions. The formula proves useful in applied mathematics and mathematical physics ​.
Invented by an Indian aerospace engineer ​ and scholar Bibhorr ​, the equation is notated in Hindi ​ letters. For a right triangle with longest side (Shrav) श्र, medium side (Lambu) लं and shortest side (Chhutku) छ, the angle opposite the lambu ( Bibhorr angle ​) बि is given as:


This equation is called Bibhorr formula.

The equation makes use of two constants - 90° or π/2 radian and 1.5. The 90° is a constant angle, denoted by सि and called Bibhorr sthiron. 1.5 is a bare number which has no units and is called Bibhorr constant (denoted by बँ).


The units of Bibhorr angle depend on wheather the sthiron is 90° or (π/2). If Bibhorr sthiron is 90° then Bibhorr angle ​ is in degrees, but if sthiron is (π/2) then obviously the angle would be in radians ​.

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