Kilauea Eruption (2018)

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The Kīlauea Volcano began a large eruption in early May of 2018. [1] The volcano has been continuously erupting since 1983, but the activity that began in May 2018 has been unusually dramatic, producing massive lava flows. [15]


Several hours after a 5.0 magnitude Earthquake, the volcano began erupting on May 3rd of 2018 and has destroyed at least 35 homes. [1] This Seismic activity cascaded along the Ring of Fire. [14]

There were 1,700 people who had to evacuate their residences due to the eruption. [1]

So far, there have not been any reported deaths or injuries as a result of the eruption. [1]

As of May 9th of 2018, there were Sulfur dioxide levels of 100 Parts per million, causing an evacuation notice from the US Geologic Survey. [12]

The primary area affected is Pahoa, Hawaii. [12] Residents reported seeing, hearing and feeling large explosions, scorching forests and displacing many people. [13]


The peak of the volcano has been measured to be 1,227m above sea level. Although it appears to be part of the Mauna Loa volcano, it actually is separate, with its own vent and conduit system. It has erupted around 60 times since 1983, when it began its current cycle. [14]

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