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Kieran Mathew is a Canadian entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Amplify Solutions. He is based in Toronto. [2]


High School

Kieran attended Trinity College School where he showed himself to be a well-rounded student. An athlete, Kieran was the captain of the Junior Soccer Team from 2011-2012. He was elected by faculty and students as a Prefect. Furthermore, Kieran was a member of Northumberland Big Brothers, the Gay-Straight Alliance, and the Trinity Environmental Action Committee where he was the Chairman of Marketing. [1]


Kieran went on to become a student at Huron University College and earned a $1,500 from a college entrance scholarship. He has earned several accolades including the Commendation in the Arts Award and the Class of 2014 Prefectship. [1]


Prior to developing Amplify, Kieran worked as a business development and marketing specialist with startups both at Western and in Toronto. He has wide experience in the Non-Profit sector, working as Director of Philanthropy at the Huron University College Student’s Council and serving as a marketing executive on numerous, on-campus organizations. He founded Amplify Solutions, a student-run marketing firm, in July of 2016 after interning at a boutique, management consultancy, Fathom Strategies and operating as a freelance marketing consultant for several large companies. [1]

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