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Lucas Coly (also known as Kid Lucas , born on July 8, 1997) [0] ​ is a French - American rapper and social media ​ personality.

He gained fame on Vine and later on Twitter ​ and Instagram ​, and musician who collaborates with his friend Nonso as the duo Lucas & Nonso. He is now a solo rap artist.

Early Life

Youtube Video
Lucas Coly talks about his upbringing with DJ Smallz Eyez

Kid Lucas was born in France ​ to a French mother and a Senegalese ​ father. He eventually moved to Austin, Texas ​ when he was 8 years old. [7] ​ Two years later, he moved to Detroit, where he spent the majority of high adolescence. [7]

When he graduated from high school, he and his parents moved to San Francisco. Two months later, he decided he wanted to work on music full-time. He started traveling with people across different states and wound up in Las Vegas ​. [7]

Growing up, he used to visit France every summer. However, once he started focusing on his music, his time there has been limited. [6]

With regards to academics, he admits to not doing well in school as early as the fourth grade; he considered it his "main struggle." [7] ​ He went to an international school ​ when he was living in Austin, where he learned English, Spanish, and French. When he was in Detroit, he did not do well in school, as he feels like he could not adapt to a school's learning environment; he recalls getting suspended numerous times, but not due to fighting. [7]


Rap Music

Lucas first started rapping when he was 11 years old. In an interview, he mentioned the first bars he ever wrote: [14]

The name is Luke, my fist is made of metal

If you wanna meet me, you can look at my schedule

One of his first major rap influences is Lil Wayne ​. [14]

Youtube Video
Lucas Coly Freestyles Through DJ Smallz Eyes

He became a member of the trio Diamondz with Will Got The Juice ​ and Dillyn Troy ​.

As a solo artist, his personal favorite songs are "Just Thoughts," "Letter to the World." [14] [17] [31]

He once passed on Bryson Tiller ​'s beat for " Don't." [14]

Social Media

Lucas posted his first Vine video on July 9, 2013 and only posted two more videos the rest of the year. He started to upload videos consistently in April 2014.

Before his career on music and social media, Lucas used to bag groceries at Kroger ​. [7]

Personal Life

Lucas Coly currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada ​. [7] ​ He says he would like to visit Los Angeles and Atlanta more often. [7]

He speaks French fluently with both of his parents. [6] ​ His father used to rap when he was younger. [7] ​ He has a little brother, with whom he speaks English. [6] ​ His family on his mother's side still lives in Dieppe, which is about two hours away from Paris ​. [6]

Coly has a sleeping disorder ​ and smokes marijuana ​ to help him sleep; he tried using sleeping pills, but they did not work for him. [8]

In 2017, Lucas Coly was arrested for disruptive conduct and was banned from Lenox Square ​ in Atlanta for two years. According to Lucas, he was hosting an event at Lenox Mall, and because the crowd got to big, the police detained him in a room for one hour and let him go. [9]

His girlfriend, Amber H , has a YouTube ​ channel on which he frequently appears. [34]

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