Kevin Jacobson Jr.

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Kevin Jacobson Jr. is an e-commerce entrepreneur, viral marketing expert, and content creator based in Portland, Connecticut. [1] Previously successful in sales in different industries, Kevin is the co-founder of the online store Wine Stained Blouse alongside his wife Heather Jacobson. In addition, they run several Instagram accounts and Kevin freelances in marketing other clients' Instagram accounts.


Early Life and Career Beginnings

Jacobson was born on May 27th, 1984 and grew up in Portland, Connecticut. His father Kevin Jacobson Sr. was a huge influence on him growing up who helped guide him on a path of personal development when he was in his late teens. Another influence of his is Jonathan Amaret, an acclaimed author, NASA Scholar and founder of the School of Thought Mechanics®. Jacobson graduated from Portland High School and first got into sales when he was 17. He went to college for six months while working full-time. He soon realized that he was making three times as much in his sales job than what he would be making if he was a teacher (which he was studying to be in school.) Six months into college, Jacobson dropped out to pursue sales full-time. He became involved in several different companies in the areas of telesales, direct marketing, and B2B sales. Jacobson has always been a natural marketer who seeks to maximize efficiency by reverse engineering sales processes.

Kevin and his wife

For four years, Jacobson worked in sales at Verizon Wireless in different capacities. When he first started working there, he did not find the Verizon's sales process to be as efficient as it could be. He decided to reverse engineer the process to his own style. From there, it was implemented store wide, then district wide, and later regionally wide across Southern New England. Jacobson earned Sales Rep of the Year for the Southern New England Region from his efforts and was promoted to a role to increase sales in struggling locations.

Entrepreneurship and Success

In 2012, Jacobson was hit by a car and took several weeks to recover. During this time, he was laid off from his sales job, so his wife encouraged him to use the skills that he learned in sales to become an entrepreneur. Taking her advice, Jacobson began his entrepreneurial track by dropshipping items on Amazon and selling them on eBay. He would later utilize Instagram to provide Add2cart service for limited sneakers through organic targeting. With less than 7,000 followers at his peak, he was able to sell $100K worth of merchandise in less than 9 months.

In September 2015, Jacobson and his wife started the meme pages @likemymomandshit and @likemydadandshit_ which target a young female audience. Over the next several months, they built a Shopify store to market to them, and in January 2016 the store, Wine Stained Blouse, was launched. At this time, both Instagram accounts had an accumulated following of 30K followers, which was achieved through organic growth. They grew their Instagram accounts and their online store though organizing "shout for shout" engagement groups and bringing on affiliates for Wine Stained Blouse. With DM groups chats proving to be too small on Instagram (which limited groups to be only 15 people), Jacobson transitioned over to Telegram where he led a meme engagement group with over 180 members that combined had over 20 million followers.

In the two months from cyber weekend 2017 to their stores anniversary on January 31st, 2018, Jacobson accumulated $120K in gross revenue and earned an average of 1,000% return on Instagram influencer campaign investment. In the process, he created one of the largest networks of influence in the Instagram meme niche of 200 accounts, accumulating 50M+ followers. In the future, Jacobson plans to scale Wine Stained Blouse to a larger platform and collaborate with original designers. In addition, Jacobson runs a franchise of Door Coupons, a local advertising company in partnership with Miami Entrepreneurs Danny Neives, Brian Tijerino, JC Falcon & social media mogul and investor Jason Stone (@Millionaire_Mentor).

In 2014, Jacobson played a role in the film The Opposite Sex alongside Geoff Stults, Mena Suvari, and Kenan Thompson. [9] [7]

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