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​Keenagh Beg, known locally as Keenaghbeg (Irish: Caonach Beag, genitive: Chaonach Beag , meaning "the place of moss", Beag meaning "big") is a townland ​ in County Mayo ​, Ireland ​. [1] [2] ​​ The townland is in the electoral division ​ of Derry ​, in Civil Parish ​ of Crossmolina ​, in the Barony ​ of Tirawley ​. [1] [4] ​ Archival records of the place name date back to 1661. [2] [23]

There is folklore ​ relating to Keenagh Beg in The Schools’ Collection (1937-1939). [3] ​ Keenagh beg has a bog ​ and a waterfall ​. [5] [6] [7] ​ There is a Roman Catholic Church in the towland called "Holy Souls" or Keenagh Church. [9] [10] ​ The Palmer family own a sporting lodge in the townland called Keenagh Lodge. [14] ​ The nearest hotels are in Crossmolina. [15] ​ Keenagh National School in the townland taught a total of 13 pupils in 2017 - 2018. [19]

Kathleen Walshe runs Wild Nephin Walking from Carey's Cottage in Keenagh Beg. [17] [18] ​ Keenagh Beg residents have a Facebook Page. [22]

Misty morning view of Tristia to Nephin from Keenagh Beg (courtesy Rick Adams)
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