Ke Xu (徐可)

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Ke Xu is a Chinese entrepreneur, developer and blockchain enthusiast. [2] ​ She is the founder of several companies including ERA, CryptoDogs and ONO. [3]


Promotional poster featuring Ke Xu from Weibo

Xu is a graduate of the Nanjing Foreign Language School. [3] ​ ​She studied at the University of California, Riverside ​ as well as Coventry University ​ and earned her Bachelor's degree when she was 19. [3] ​​ In 2013 while attending university, Xu and a friend bought mining rigs in order to mine Bitcoin. [3]


Instead of pursuing graduate school, after college, Xu moved back to China to become an entrepreneur. [2] ​ Her first project she built was a social networking app ERA and garnered millions of users in a short time. [3] ​ She later sold ERA in order to start Nome Labs. [3] ​ In November 2017, Xu and Nome Labs launched the blockchain dapp CryptoDogs which is the Chinese equivalent to CryptoKitties ​. [2] ​ On the first day, 1,000 ETH worth of CryptoDogs were sold. [3]

Xu aims to be a social network that is democratic, open and decentralized and rewards people who create valuable content. [3] ​ ONO plans to launch on the EOS Testnet on April 15th, 2018 and then migrate over to the EOS main network in June. [3] ​ ONO will have it's own token called ONOT. [3]

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