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Kaysinners (pronounced Kay/Sin/Ers; born on March 1, 1993, in Bayamon Puerto Rico [1] ) is an English recording artist and record producer, best known for his instrumental compositions throughout the years.  His instrumental music combines elements of house, rock, and other sounds of instruments together to create a unique sound. Kaysinners is a musician involved in different genres with artists that express their feelings through music. Some genres to name are Rap, Rock, Soul, and R&B. Kaysinners is also known for his visual stylization and disguise associated with his music; specifically, the artist wears a mask with sins all around the face [2] . Kaysinners rarely grants interviews and has never appeared on television.


Early years

Making music was a joke to Kaysinners in the early years. Creating songs with his best friend "James" to pass the time and laugh. Initially, Kaysinners main goal was to pursue something other than music. James throughout the time convinced Kaysinners to pursue music to see how it would go. Going from jokes to seriousness is what led Kaysinners to study the art of music and delve into the different genres that he's into today [3]

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