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Katie Layne Quackenush is an American musician and recording artist. [1] [2]

Photo of Katie Layne on a flier promoting a live performance.


Early Life

Born and raised in the state of Texas, she lived in the town of Amarillo, Texas for most of her life. Her father, Jesse Quackenbush is a well-known attorney in the Amarillo area, as well as a well-known actor. She grew up in an artistically driven family. [3]


Katie attended Amarillo College. [4]

GIF of Katie Layne doing one of her rap songs.


Katie has worked a number of jobs over the years since she was a teenager. After high school she became a recruiting specialist for a company called Sanford Rose Associates. [5 ]

Stitches Promo Girls

Shortly after moving to Nashville, she started a promotional company that no longer exists called Stitches Promo Girls. She provided women to events related to extreme sports. She used her YouTube channel to uploaded content related to the promo company. [6]

NSFW photo on Twitter of Katie Layne slipping a nipple

Katie Layne Music

Since moving to Nashville, Katie started her music career as a singer and has recording several songs which have been uploaded on SoundCloud. [7]

She considers herself an artist and has made several performances around the Nashville area. [8]

On her social media, she has posted photos of herself channeling the country singer in her. Some of the photos are NSFW as she is not afraid to showcase her sexuality. [9]

Criminal History

Katie has been in trouble with the law many times, though her father is a criminal defense lawyer and attorney in her hometown.

Katie Layne's mugshot from 2013.

Assault and Battery

In 2013, Quackenbush was charged with assault and battery. She was released the next day after posting bail for $5,000.

The case was dismissed by the district attorney in April 2014. She was ordered to pay a $400 attorney fee. [6]

Misdemeanor Assault

In Potter County, Texas, on December 17, 2016, she was arrested once again and charged with misdemeanor assault. The case is still pending. [6]

Attempted Murder

Photo of Katie Layne's mugshot from 2017.

On August 26, 2017, Katie and an unidentified friend were inside of Katie's Porsche Cayenne when an altercation with a homeless man named Gerald Melton erupted. The two women were parked near Nashville's Music Row as Gerald approached the SUV and started hurling sexual insults at the women. [10]

According to Melton's testimony, he was sleeping when loud music and tremendous smoke came from the exhaust pipe - disturbing his sleep. Melton asked Katie to move the vehicle, but she refused. The two began to argue further. [11]

Nashville Metro police detectives say that Melton was “trying to sleep on the sidewalk” around 3:00 a.m. near 901 19th Ave. South near Music Row when he “became disturbed by exhaust fumes and loud music coming from a Porsche SUV,” according to a news release.

Melton asked Quackenbush, the driver of the Porsche, to move the vehicle, police said. The two then began yelling at each other.

Police say that after Melton walked back to where he had been trying to sleep, Quackenbush got out of her vehicle with a gun and the argument continued. She fired two shots at Melton, who was wounded in the abdomen, according to police.

According to Jesse Quackenbush, Katie’s father and an attorney in Amarillo, Melton came up to her car and started screaming various threats through the car window. He also claims that, after Melton walked away, Katie got out of her car to escort her friend to a vehicle parked nearby. Finally, he said that he began walking toward her and, at this point, Katie warned Melton she had a gun. [12]

The women went to grab breakfast, and when they returned, a swarm of police and crime scene tape surrounded Katie's friend's car. [13]

On September 11, 2017, Katie surrendered the gun from the crime scene and was arrested. She was charged with attempted murder and she posted $25,000 bail. [14]

Personal Life

Katie Quackenbush is a single mother. She has a son who was born in 2012.

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