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Kanchipuram silk sarees store  is an exclusive online store located at Kanchipuram, Tamil nadu. selling Kanchipuram wedding silk sarees.  Their custom make kanchipuram sarees are sold with their brand name kanjivaram silks. their official website is kanjivaramsilks.com [1] ​ .This company was founded in 2010 . Initially they were selling sarees online only with in india. Today they ship to all major countries Which includes USA, Canada,  united kingdom , Europe , Australia , Malaysia, Singapore.

they make and customize wedding silk sarees at their own weaving centers and sell online. Initially when they started , they had 2 handlooms and now they have around 100 handlooms spread across Kanchipuram .  All their sarees are handwoven with pure silk and the border of the saree comes with pure zari and it comes with silk mark tag. They have introduced latest designs for big border wedding saree and also with contrast border wedding sarees.

Traditionally the kanchipuram sarees are very heavy in weight and are not so comfortable for the bride. they have introduced light weight designer kanchi bridal sarees to cater to the modern women. [2]

The characteristics of Indian women are a blend of tradition and style, so are their choice of wedding sarees too. Irrespective of the region which Indian wedding is celebrated, it is going to be a lavish party. There are supposed to perform many rituals as part of their wedding in accordance with the region they are celebrated, the brides to choose to go by traditional wear like Kanchipuram and Banaras silk for few rituals and want to gain trendy looks for the other occasions. If you are the ones looking to gain more knowledge on wedding sarees before making a choice, the article is for you.

Wearing these designer wedding sarees will make you style icon on the special occasion and makes you stand out from the crowd. You need to gain more knowledge on the colour combinations, stitching styles and fabrics that are used in designing Indian wedding sarees to make your selection right [3] ​.

Colour combinations

Indian traditions restrict the availability of colours in Indian wedding sarees. For example, you can never find a wedding saree in black. Here are few colour options that are available for plenty designs and embellishments. While red and maroon are preferred colours for most of the brides, you have wedding sarees available in blue, pink, gold, white, cream and green combinations that appeal to everyone.

Stitching Styles

Gone are the days, Indian wedding sarees are available just in 6 metered length, there is a wide range of stitching styles available making it easy for the brides to wear on the special occasion. Full and half saree designs are preferred by the brides for the special occasions like mehndi. Traditional sarees like pattu silks become the part of an important occasion like a wedding ceremony. Long front slit blouse style, lehenga saree, sarees without pleats or wedding sarees with pleats of different colours can be chosen for parties like reception during the wedding ceremony. However, you can choose to go by traditional silk sarees if you can afford expensive ones and get a different look at your wedding ceremony with different draping styles. As these traditional wedding sarees are 6 meters in length to suit the needs of any personality, they are flexible enough to drape in different styles to get those unique looks.


The fabric of the wedding sarees gives you a wide range of choices depending on the cost you can afford and style your attire in the wedding ceremony. It just not the bride who purchases wedding sarees for the occasion, even near and dear does plenty of wedding shopping to stand next to bride in gaining the attention. Knowing different fabrics in which wedding sarees are available will help them make a wise choice. Fabric in which the wedding sarees are available includes Banaras sarees, bridal net sarees, georgette crepe, silk wedding sarees like Kanchipuram, chiffon, fancy fabric and crape Jacquard. The high-quality fabric has always been a mere focus for the weavers to beautify femininity at its core.

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