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Kadena is a permissioned smart contract platform with a new approach to the proof-of-work system.


Kadena implements the Chainweb protocol. Chainweb is a Proof-of-Work Parallel-Chain Architecture built for high throughput. Multiple chains integrate their Merkle roots (the Merkle root is the hash of all the hashes of all the transactions in the block) with each other, ensuring that while each individual chain acts as a unique blockchain , it can still share information and reach consensus with other chains. Every single chain will produce Kadena’s tokens. Chainweb will use a Simple Payment Verification (SPV) to delete coins that are sent to another chain before being created on the receiving chain. Kadena is a derivative of the Raft consensus algorithm, a single leader-based system for managing a replicated log. It uses a replicated state machine architecture and produces a result equivalent to Paxos but is structurally different. Based on Raft and Juno, Kadena embeds its own full smart contract language (Pact) into its blockchain that can be run as either public (plain text) or private (Double-Ratchet encrypted) transactions. [2]


The history behind Kadena is an interesting case study in the new field of blockchain consensus algorithms and distributed computing. Kadena is a "distant relative" of the Raft consensus algorithm. The Raft consensus mechanism was followed by Tangaroa (A Byzantine fault tolerant Raft) and the J.P. Morgan project Juno (a fork of Tangaroa), neither of which are longer under active development. JP Morgan’s new blockchain Quorum is much different from Juno and uses a fusion of ideas from sidechains and Ethereum; public smart contracts are allowed on the blockchain in addition to private contracts which are represented as encrypted hashes and replicated via side-channels. Kadena is the "next generation Juno." It uses a new, but related, protocol called ScalableBFT that was spawned from the open source code of the Juno project and was built by the two key developers who built Juno.


In May of 2019 Kadena partnered with asset management firm USCF. Founder and CEO, Will Martino, said about the partnership: [9]

We are proud to collaborate with USCF in the investment space. USCF has a history of diligent, creative leadership and I see them as financial services market leaders who share our vision of delivering everyday uses of blockchain