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A Juniper Networks Resident Engineer provides support on-site on all technical facets for an organization of network products of Juniper. As they work in conjunction with the organization’s staff, they gain in-depth knowledge of the environment’s precise needs and processes, particular configurations, and problems of its network, and capabilities and drawbacks of its personnel. Therefore, the Juniper Resident Engineers can help by preventing network issues before they crop up, and will also be geared up to sort out problems swiftly when they arise.

Engineers need to become experts on the products deployed within the client’s network. They need to work full-time on-site at the premises of the client. Engineers must be ready to work flexible hours and should be available round-the-clock to fix chronic issues whenever they arise.

They should be able to work either independently or with a team. Since engineers interact with clients, they need to have excellent communication skills, besides solid presentation skills. They also must be capable of multi-tasking and soaking up the pressure.

Job Description:

Juniper Resident Engineers are required to arrange information gathering workshops with the clients about their present network design in order to understand what the new network design’s technical requirements are, to be conversant with the organizational structure of the client, understand fully the network implementation and support procedures and processes of the client so that they can aid in conceiving a network that is existing and will be viable, and will conduct testing of new features, designs, provide workshops to share knowledge with the engineering staff, and functionality as per the requirements of the client in a lab setting, and assist in developing plans to execute and confirm that they are operating efficiently in the live network.

Engineers must fix the design and architecture issues of the network, diagnose the network and device configurations, and be responsible for network designing. They support in designing and planning of Junos Space, Juniper SRX, EX Series, Juniper MX, and related solutions within the client’s infrastructural network.

Juniper Engineers should return material authorizations (RMAs) and monitor and trail open trouble tickets. They should aid in tracing and network inventory asset management.

They will also fix equipment and network issues, analyze operating software’s patches and fixes and see to it that they are implemented and operating as they should in the pre-production test network as well as in live network as per implementation plans, conduct technology workshops with the client to thresh out network and equipment problems, to provide updates of case statuses, including understanding why any of the problems occurred and the solutions that are being trailed, help continuously in efforts to arrive at best practice policies for product applications of Juniper used by the client, provide implementation guidance to make sure that deployments are in sync with design specifications, boost network performance by using extensive experience in the industry, and to partner with peers to perform similar roles in order to learn so that it will help them mitigate risks linked with the network modifications or significant upgrades of network.

Finally, Juniper Networks Resident Engineers are expected to acquire ancillary skills in other products, such as Juniper routers and firewalls.

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