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Julie Bort is an American journalist​ known for covering topics related to tech​ and business​ for numerous publications in the span of nearly 30 years. [1][2]​ She has covered enterprise technology of companies such as IBM, Microsoft​, CiscoHPAppleGoogle, and many others. [3]

She has also written Inc., Entrepreneur Slate, and dozens of other publications where her work has been featured. She is currently the Chief Tech Correspondent at Business Insider. [4]

Photo of Julie Bort that has been shared on her Public Facebook​ page. [13]


Julie has lived throughout several cities in the United States during her career as a freelance writer. She currently resided in Fort Collins, Colorado. [5][6]

She lived in the city of San Francisco for many years. [7]


Julie holds a B.A​ from Arizona State University in English and Journalism [8] During her time in college, she was also involved in the English Honors Society and as a member of Sigma Tau Delta. [9]


Julie is a passionate writer in the field of technology as she considers it to be a fun part of her career. She has expressed herself to be a cog in a force that is changing the world. She has interviewed and has access to prominent insiders, who often teach her something new. [10]

Photo of Julie Bort as shared from one of her stories about the SF Giants and Cisco. [3]

Julie started her journalism career in 1988 as an editor at PR Newswire. In 1989, she became also a Senior editor ​ at LANTimes. From 1990 to 1992, Julie served as an Editor at Edittech International. From 1999 to 2011, she worked at NetworkWorld, firstly as an Editor and later as an Online Community Editor, Microsoft Subnet editor, Cisco Subnet editor and Google Subnet editor. In addition, these years she was a freelance journalist​. [11]

Currently, Julie is a Chief Tech Correspondent at Business Insider. She joined BI in 2011. [12]

Personal Life

Julie is also a mother and wife who currently lives with her family in Colorado​.[13]

She enjoys cooking and is active in nature sports such as mountain biking​ and skiing​.[15]

She is known for her enormous sense of humor and sense of curiosity.[16]

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