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Julia Herbst is an editor and writer​ based out of New York City​. Herbst is currently the Staff Editor of Breaker, a publication​ focusing on blockchain technology​ and cryptocurrency​. [1]​ [2]


Julia Herbst graduated from Oberlin College​ with a Bachelor of Science​ in Biology in 2015​. She also holds a Bachelor of Music​ in Jazz Bass Performance from the​ Oberlin Conservatory of Music​. [6]​ [1]​ 


Julia Herbst is the Staff Editor of Breaker, a blockchain technology​ and cryptocurrency industry publication based in New York City​​. She has worked for the publication since November 2017. Herbst was previously a freelance writer and editor. [5]​ [1]

Herbst worked as an Associate Editor at Los Angeles Magazine in 2017. In this role, she c
ontributed monthly to the “Buzz” and “Do” sections, and the feature package of Los Angeles magazine. She wrote, built, and edited stories on LAmag.com. Herbst was responsible for the magazine’s yearly LA Woman package, which highlights 10 outstanding female leaders in Los Angeles. She wrote the magazine’s monthly “Dialogue” page, “Off the Record” column, and bimonthly “How L.A. Works” section. She also assisted in research and fact checking. Herbst helped run the editorial department and oversaw the magazine’s editorial email accounts and phone line. She previously worked at Los Angeles Magazine as an Editorial Coordinator and a Freelance Fact Checker from 2015-2017. [7]​ [1]

While studying at Oberlin College​, Herbst worked at The Oberlin Review​ for four years. She served as the publication's Editor-in-Chief from 2013-2015​. Herbst was previously a News Editor and Staff Writer with The Oberlin Review. [1]

In the summer of 2014, Herbst worked as an Editorial Intern at Los Angeles Magazine. In June 2014, she also worked as an Assistant in the Milt Hinton​ Institute for Studio Bass. Herbst was a Research Lab Intern at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)​. [1]

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