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Joseph Strickland (born November 9, 1962) is an American film director, screenwriter, producer, and author from Chicago, IL. As a filmmaker, he is best known for his film directorial debut, Dual Mania,[1][2] a psychological thriller shot entirely on location in the director's nativity of Chicago. Strickland is also notable for his contribution as a co-author on The Making of Dual Mania: Filmmaking Chicago Style, a work of nonfiction based on the feature film, with fellow authors, B.J. Patterson and Cat Ellington.[3][4]


Dual Mania (2018)


The Making of Dual Mania: Filmmaking Chicago Style (2018)

Awards and nominations

Since 2018, both Strickland and his debut feature film, Dual Mania , have racked up a succession of award nominations and wins on the international film festival circuit, including one ALTFF 2018 Fall nomination for Best Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Film from the 2018 Alternative Film Festival in Toronto ;[5] one nomination for Best First Time Director from the 2018 Golden Earth Film Award online;[6] two Silver Awards for Best of the Month (September 2018 and October 2018) from the Royal Wolf Film Awards in Los Angeles, California ;[7] four awards from the 2018 Pinnacle Film Awards in Hollywood, including three Silver Awards for Best Feature Film, Best Director (Joseph Strickland), and Best Actor (Joseph Plummer); and one Gold Award for Best Screenplay (Joseph Strickland).[8] In January of 2019, Strickland and his fascinating feature would go on to win four more awards, all Bronze, from the 2019 Mindfield Film Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico, including those for Best Screenplay (Joseph Strickland), Best Director (Joseph Strickland), Best Feature Film (Dual Mania), and Best Actress (Sherrice Eaglin).[9]


Joseph Strickland lives in Chicago with his wife Cat Ellington and their three children.

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