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Josef Šiler (September 12, 1974, Klatovy ​) is a stuntman, test rider, instructor and owner of a motorcycle who has been nicknamed Pepa Sršeň since the youth (according to the first yellow Jawa color). His first motorcycle at the age of 12 was the Jawa 250 and the first stunt was on the Kawasaki GPX 750R - smoothly on the front wheel with his nose to the asphalt ... Garry Rothwell, who inspired him to inspire one round, overcame 110 meters, and a 272.3-meter performance, entered the Guinness book of records ​. Although he subsequently added another record when he was able to drive at a speed of 234 km / h after the front wheel, he did not want to compete. Other performances recorded in the Guinness book of records ​ - 227.14 m (227.14 m) in front of the coach. Pepa also performed the show, tested the motorbikes, and then went to offer an instructor work on the Brno circuit. Then he set up his own Motoškole Sršeň, which he founded in Klatovy ​. [4] [3] [1]

The consequences of this hobby
- titanium tube in the leg
- Titanium plate in hand
- bolted collarbone
- crushed wrists
- broken toes, etc.

Josef Šiler

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