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John Schenk is a senior financial executive and tech entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California. He is Chief Financial Officer for the blockchain messaging company Sensay dba Sense Chat Labs (Token: SENSE), and Founder of the chat-first dating app known as Taffy[10].

John has 20+ years of experience working for high-growth technology companies and global entertainment brands. His skills include finance, accounting, strategy, operations, business development, legal/business affairs and HR. He has also successfully raised millions of dollars via equity and convertible debt.


John began his career in the music business, working for Arista Records and Epic Records in New York City. He segued into the technology world when he joined Live365 as their VP of Corporate Strategy and Business Development. He then served as VP Finance at John stepped back into the music world for two years, as CFO for Capitol Records in Hollywood, to help relocate financial operations to New York City, and position the company for acquisition. Since then, he has served as a senior executive for a number of early-stage high growth technology companies - a personal passion.[11] Most recently, John was CFO and Acting COO at top-tier influencer marketing company called Speakr.

John has also dabbled with a handful of personal ideas and dreams, most notably Taffy. Taffy is a different kind of dating app where users' profile pics are revealed through conversation. Taffy was launched in late 2017 with much acclaim[12] [13] [14], and currently caters to thousands of users worldwide. Taffy v2.0 is on the near horizon, and destined for great success.

Early Life

John and his brother grew up in a single-parent household, relocating constantly and scrambling to survive on the streets of Los Angeles. His childhood was scattered and highly irregular, as his mother struggled to make ends meet while battling a personality disorder that had long-lasting consequences. John and his brother missed five consecutive years of grade school and middle school while he and his family roamed Southern California and explored the United States in a borrowed vehicle. After many escapades and much chaos, John and his brother ran away from home and were taken in by a family in Indiana, where they returned to school and caught up on the normalities of life. After college, John and his brother rekindled their relationship with their mother. They have been on good terms ever since.


John graduated from South Side High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He was accepted to Indiana University at Bloomington, where he graduated with a BS degree in Public Policy . He later earned his MBA degree in Finance from New York University Stern School of Business, while working full time.


John is actively licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in the state of California.

Personal Life and Interests

John loves to play guitar (heavy electric and Spanish acoustic), and has a keen interest in the piano. When he has the time, he enjoys golfing and scuba diving. John speaks conversational French, Italian and Japanese, and travels the world when he can. He loves to solve problems, and craves a challenge. He likes to build things, and has a keen sense of what people need and want.

John is writing a non-memoir novel about his early adventures, tentatively titled "Three-legged Buffalo". It will be far from boring.

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