John Nimmo

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John Nimmo is an internet troll ​ from South Shields ​, England.


In January 2014, Nimmo was jailed for sending rape and death threats to feminist ​ activist Caroline Criado-Perez ​ and Labour MP Stella Creasy ​, following a backlash against their involvement in a campaign for a woman to appear on a banknote ​. [2]

Following his release from prison, Nimmo appeared in a BBC ​ documentary during which he expressed remorse for his actions [4] ​ and in a blog post claimed that he was planning on becoming an anti-bullying campaigner, [3] ​ however in January 2017 he was jailed for 27 months after sending Islamophobic messages to online hate reporting service 'Faith Matters' and anti-semitic ​ messages to Labour MP Luciana Berger ​. [5]

Personal Life

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Nimmo described himself as ' shy ​' and claimed to have 'moderate learning difficulties ​'. [6] ​ During his first court case, his lawyer described him as a 'social recluse ​' and a 'somewhat sad individual'.

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