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Joe Chiappetta is an author, cartoonist and illustrator from Pasadena, California. [1]


Joe Chiappetta has been involved in making cartoons and publishing since the mid 1980. For his family documentary work on the graphic novel "Silly Daddy," Joe was the recipient of the Xeric Award as well as numerous other award nominations over the years. This includes winning an Illinois Arts Council Award for his work on the book "Back Pain Avenger." [3]

While widely known for his award winning work on Silly Daddy Comics, Joe has also been creating comics about cryptocurrency and blockchain since 2015. He exhibited 12 blockchain comics at the 2018 Ethereal Summit in New York City and was the only cartoonist selected for this event to create live interpretive comics covering the show. Joe is the author of numerous articles about crypto-art.[3]

As a community leader, Joe has been leading local Bible discussion groups since 1999. In addition, he founded and managed a network of agencies that help people with disabilities get jobs and served for many years as a director for MERCYworldwide, which provides services to the poor.[3]

Prior to that, Joe worked as a Director of Employment Services at Anixter Center and Director of Workforce Development at Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce.[4]


1. Mental Health and Holiness: A Biblical Treatment and Recovery Plan for People with Mental Illness

2. Mighty Messianic Prophecy: Biblical Research of Predictions Proving that Jesus Is God

Silly Daddy by Joe Chiappetta

3. The Back Pain Avenger: Heal Chronic Back Pain and Destroy it Forever

4. Mega Debt-Busters: A Christian Guide to Financial Freedom

5. Star Chosen: a Science Fiction Space Opera for the Whole Family

6. Silly Daddy: Armed with Intergalactic Weapons

7. Power Pendant of Planet Pizon: a Star Chosen

8. Genesis Jam: An Anthology Inspired by the Ultimate Creator

Comic Books

1. Silly Daddy Forever: Comics for All Time

2. Silly Daddy

3. Silly Daddy in Space

4. Crucified Comics: A Spiritual Commentary for Personal Accountability


Joe holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northern Illinois University and Bachelor in Ministry and Charity Serives from International College of Christian Ministry.[2]

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