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Jessica Michél Serfaty is an American model known in Hollywood for dating alleged sexual abuser, Ed Westwick. She got her start in show business after lading a spot on America's Next Top Model in 2010.

Gif of Jessica Serfaty from a video where she eats Thanksgiving food.


Early Life

Jessica was born and raised in the state of Arkansas where she would live for most her life as a child. She had most of her upbringing in the city of Little Rock and lived there until she was a teenager.

Photo of Jessica Serfaty inside of a bubbly bathtub.


After taking part in America's Next Top Model, Jessica relocated to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Her husband at the time and Roman would move to Los Angeles with Jessica, though after a few months, they would move back to Arkansas.

America's Next Top Model

A few years after getting married and having her first child at the age of 17, she landed a spot as a contestant for America's Next Top Model. She came in 4th place.


Jessica has landed several roles in TV shows, national and local commercials, and other film projects in Los Angeles. She has appeared in several short films, including: Axe: Dirtcathlon, Faith, Blood Brothers, and Eiffel Tower.

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She has also appeared in commercials for Doritos and LA Fitness. [16] [15]


One of the platforms that launched her popularity on social media and Hollywood were her Vine projects with other Viners. Her vines allowed her to become a social media influencer. [23] [22]

Personal Life

Her ex Husband with their child, Roman.

At the age of 17 years old, she married a man named Ididia Serfaty. The couple would go on to have their first child, Roman. Jessica was also 17 years old when she had Roman. She was mostly a housewife.

Dating & Relationships

Jessica divorced Idida Serfaty some time after he left with Roman back to Arkansas. She has since dated several prominent men in the entertainment industry. According to several different sources she has dated the following men: Joe Jonas, Niall Horan, and Justin Bieber.

Logan Paul
Youtube Video
Logan Paul - Paradise In You (Music Video) �🌴 feat. Jessica Serfaty

Logan Paul and Jessica Serfaty dated in 2015. During that time, she appeared in one of his music videos - "Paradise In You." [35]

Jessica Serfaty with Ed Westwick from a photoshoot/video project.
Ed Westwick

Jessica is currently dating Ed Westwick​, and the couple have been together since May of 2017. The two have been in serious relationship since with Westwick going to Paris to buy her an engagement ring. [5]

Sexual Allegations

In November, 2017, Kristina Cohen released to the world a written account of the sexual abuse and assault she received by Westwick. Another woman, Aurélie Wynn, also came forward and gave her online testimony regarding the sexual abuse she received by Westwick. A third woman, Rachel Eck, also came out with more sexual assault allegations against Westwick. All three women reveal episodes in which Westwick abused them through violent means.

Despite the allegations, Serfaty remains loyal to Westwick. The couple have been seen together throughout Los Angeles since the allegations of Westwick's sexual abuse were brought to light. She has also released a video on Instagram of the couple riding together in a convertible where she discusses how greatly she has been to have been treated with class by Westwick.

Serfaty remains by Westwick's side and has been a supportive person throughout the sexual abuse allegations.

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