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Jessica Disu is a three-time international performing poet, artist, activist and educator who describes herself as a "humanitarian rap artist." from Chicago, Illinois. Disu studied at Columbia College Chicago and is currently working as the Chief Recruiting Officer at her company, FM Supreme. [2]

Fox News Interview

On July 11th, 2016, during the Monday showing of Fox News "The Kelly Files", Disu stated that "w e need to abolish the police. Period.” She further called for the police to be demilitarized and disarmed.

She continued, “And we need to come up with community solutions for transformative justice.” Disu further said that the loss of any life is tragic. After that, anchor Megyn Kelly asked who would protect people without police. Disu responded, “We need to come up with community solutions. The police force in this country began as slave patrol.” Later in the segment, Disu also suggested divesting from the police and putting the money into “youth programs.” [3]

Following the interview, Disu posted to facebook, backing up her claims made on TV:

" Last night, on The Kelly File I suggested we ABOLISH THE POLICE. I hope that you all found this statement startling. That was my intention. Abolishment looks like community policing.

I want to challenge people to consider the role of the police, which is to protect and serve. If we are failing this objective by any degree, we should be open to the wholesale restructuring of the policing mechanism.

We need to abolish current police practices because they are not serving vuln erable communities.

If black lives matter then we need to be open to radical change. We can solve this problem together, America and be the change. As one nation with Liberty and justice for all, we can not condone any level of unwarranted lethal force.

I do not.

I challenge America to consider ZERO LOSS OF LIFE as our objective. I challenge us all to consider abolishing the loss of black life at the hands of police officers.

I challenge us all to consider abolishing the loss of all people to cops.

Our police officers swore an oath to serve and protect. But when people are killed by the hands of police, service to humanity has failed.

For me abolishing current policing practices that lead to unwarranted Black death looks like the following:

1. Tamir Rice seeing his 14th birthday 2. Eric Garner saying I can't breathe and the cops getting off of him. 3. Sandra Bland being able to drive home after receiving a citation for switching lanes without using signal. 4. Rekia Boyd walking home after hanging out in her community without being shot & killed by Chicago Police for standing by. 5. And so much more

"If we look honestly at the realities of our national life, it is clear that we are not marching forward; we are groping and stumbling; we are divided and confused. Our moral values and our spiritual confidence sink, even as our material wealth ascends." - Dr Martin Luther King Jr. #1968" [4]

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