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Jesse Earl Bright is a Criminal Defense attorney in Leland, North Carolina. [5] He also drives for Uber when he is not working at the courthouse.

Filming of Police

On February 26, 2017, Jesse Bright was stopped by the police in Wilmington. [10] Bright was under the impression that he was taking his passenger to pick up a check and drop him back to his original location. [4] [12] Bright and his passenger were allegedly under suspicion that they were leaving a drug house and that they may have possessed drugs. [4]

Bright filmed the encounter. [4] [11] [12] One of the officers who were at the scene, Officer Kenneth Becker, told him that he'd go to jail if he kept recording him. [4] Bright's car was searched, nothing was found, and he was allowed to go home. The video of Bright confronting the police and being lied to about the legality of filming officers went viral. [1]

Bright stepped out of the car for a K-9 Unit police dog to search his car. Initially, Bright believed there was no probable cause. [11] One of the officers explained to him that the dog indicated on both sides of Bright's vehicle that there might be a trace of narcotics. [11]

While the K-9 unit was searching, the same police officer who told Jesse Bright that he'd get arrested if he continued recording walked past Bright telling him, "Funny how [the dog] is really interested in your car, huh?" [11]


There is a Facebook post (with spelling mistakes) that is being spread making him seem conceited about getting away with doing something illegal. He implies that it's photoshopped in the comment section. [7]


Bright attended Isaac Bear Early College High School. [6]

Personal Life

Bright is in a domestic partnership. [6]

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