JC Ndoci

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Jean-Claude Ndoci , better known as his stage name JC Ndoci , is an Australian rapper,  producer and internet personality from Brisbane, Australia ​.


JC Ndoci signed up for YouTube ​ in September of 2013 and began posting videos on his YouTube channel " Jahwoo ​" with his friend Che.​ He would post a number of challenges and song covers until his friend had moved to New Zealand. Fast forward to September 11, 2014, JC and his friend Brayden Verboort ​ started a YouTube channel together under the name Kahnovii [3] ​ which they both fully pursued.

JC grew up with a love of acting and film making and especially comedy all his childhood, so the duo would post a number of challenges where they would compete in dares, vlogs and even short films. However in late 2015, JC moved to another city far from Brayden. JC continued on making YouTube videos throughout 2016 and began live streaming on a regular basis where he would entertain hundreds of people live by doing dares or freestyle rapping, he acquired a following of over 10,000 people live streaming on FriendLife ​ until he stopped to focus on his interest in music in 2017.

In 2017, JC would quit YouTube finding his new interest in music and decided to pursue music.​ He would keep his past videos up on Kahnovii and began to upload music to his SoundCloud ​ whilst uploading his music videos to the Kahnovii YouTube channel.

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