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Jay Chang is a Product Marketing Manager at Block.one. [3] He is based in Los Angeles, California. [2]


Chang graduated from the Strake Jesuit College Preparatory. He attended the University of Southern California where he earned a BS in Business Entrepreneurship in 2009. [3]


Early in his career, Chang was a Project Management Consultant at Spinx, Senior Product Manager at Centerfield, and Director of Product at Battery Technology Inc. [3] For nearly two years, Chang was a Producer at DiscoverMe, a leadership summit with prominent figured in technology, finance, and media. At the same time, he was the Senior Product Manager at the FATE Lab. [3]

In April 2014, Chang became the Founder and Head of Product at FanBacked, a community focused crowdfunding platform. [3] In June 2016, Chang was a Partner and Director of Product Innovation at Sidebench. [3]

From 2009-2016, Chang ran his own consulting firm where he helped internet companies with strategy and growth. [3]

Currently, Chang works in product marketing at Block.one, a publisher of Decentralized Autonoius Corporations. Their first product, EOSIO, launched in 2018. [3] In addition, Chang is a Product Venture Consultant at the University of Southern California where he mentos students and alumni about startups, business strategy, product development, and marketing. [3]

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