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Jason Ford DeTroy is a South African born American professional surfer, musician, singer-songwriter, music producer, humanitarian, writer and entrepreneur. He was born in Cape Town, South Africa.
Early Life:
As a child he lived in Cape Town South Africa, Monroe Georgia and Dover, Massachusetts. Jason played soccer and hockey in high school. He was also apart of his high school film and music programs. He had a love for surfing and music since a young age. He learned to surf at age five. He began to take piano lessons at age four and guitar lessons at age eight. He began writing his own songs at age thirteen.
He graduated from Dover-Sherborn Regional High School. Jason attended Villanova University and Yale University. He was accepted to Berklee College ​ but did not attend due to his parents' belief that music is a hobby not something that should be studied. He has a degree in psychology from Yale University.
He was in a band with Brant Jackson called 'Angry Dragon' in which he was the lead guitarist. In 2006 He was an intern at Good Music, a record label founded by Kanye West in New York, New York.
He began to pursue competitive surfing at age 23. He had to take a break from surfing in 2012 after a shark attack. [3] It took him two years to recover from the attack. During those two years Jason focused on his music.He toured with the British band Blue Maze Nine ​from 2012 to 2014. In 2014 he decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a career in country music.In 2016 he founded DeTroy Music ​ with his younger brother and his cousin.
Personal Life:
Jason has two daughters, Rose and Daisy. He also has residents in Somerville, Nashville, and Brisbane. He has a two sisters, one of which is a male to female transgender. He is currently engaged to singer Savannah Taylor
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