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Jared Rossouw is a South Africa writer, and co-director of the NGO Ndifuna Ukwazi, an activist organization dedicated to advancing urban land justice. [1] [2] For years, Jared has been involved as an activist in the socio-economic issues that poor and low income people of Cape Town face. [3] Recently, he and the organization, Ndifuna Ukwazi, have faced challenges pertaining to Helen Zille's privatization of affordable housing throughout strategic locations and precincts in Western Cape Town. [4]

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He and Ndifuna Ukwazi also have strong ties with Reclaim The City, an organization that has been criticized for its use of force and violence against individuals in the occupations. [5]


A native of Cape Town, Jared has lived and worked on several social justice issues for many years throughout the city. [6] [8] [7] He has also lived in Pretoria. [9]


Rossouw has attended both, University of South Africa (UNISA) and University of Cape Town (UCT), where he focused on Developmental Studies. [11] He has received his Master of Philosophy from UCT. [10] [13] At UTC, he also studied Anthropology. [12]

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Social Justice

For many years, Rossouw has been involved in several housing and community projects involving low-income and poor citizens of Cape Town. [13] Since being the co-director of Ndifuna Ukwazi, the NGO has taken on several projects involving campaigns related to urban land housing. [14]

Ndifuna Ukwazi

As co-director of the NGO, Ndifuna Ukwazi, he has been quoted in several press releases related to how the money for improving the infrastructures of settlements and poor people was disproportionate. [15] He writes articles about their movement where he voices the NGO's intentions to help lower class citizens attain better living conditions and of how the government and other institutions in the private sector make corrupt decisions. [16]

Jared Rossouw cutting up some flowers.

Though battles have been faced out in the public by the NGO in terms of how the government funds housing, many decisions and battles have also been faced in the backdrop by the organization that has placed the organizations integrity into question. [17] Their support of an organization called, Reclaim The City (RTC), has made their agenda of helping people of low income housing to be in question. [18]

Throughout 2017 and early 2018, many people from low income housing areas have been evicted as the government and the city of Cape Town plan to commercialize and develop the property. Some of the property that is to be built is supposed to be for low-income people, but the plans has since shifted. [19] [20]

RTC has acted out in violence against low income people and "house leaders" who do not give up their occupation. Reports of torture and intimidation has been reported by citizens while journalists who take up the task to uncover the realities have been threatened. [21] Recently, an "independent investigation" was launched in regards to an incident involving a member of an occupation who was tortured by RTC leaders - reports state that the same people who did the torturing will also be conducting the "independent investigation". This decision by Ndifuna Ukwazi, along with many others, have placed the NGO in question of their practices, along with their funding, by the community members of Sea Point and surrounding areas. [22] [23]

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