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Jamie Loftus is American Comedian ​ and Writer ​ known for her content throughout various publications such as The New Yorker ​, Paste Magazine ​, Reductress ​, Playboy ​, College Humor ​, and the Boston Globe ​. [1] [2] [3]

Flier that was created for a comedy show that Jamie Loftus was a part of.


Loftus was born and raised in the East Coast of the United States ​ for most of her life. [4] [5] ​ She lived in the state of Massachusetts ​ and grew up in the city of Brockton. [6]

High School

Photo taken of Jamie Loftus.

Loftus is an alum of Brockton High School ​ and is class of 2010. [7] ​ Some of the societies and groups that she was a part of include: Halftime Dance, Advanced Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Drama Club, School Newspaper, Set Design and Production, Dance (Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Pointe, Hip-hop), Key Club, National Honor Society (Vice President), Musical Choreography. [8]


During high school, she committed to Emerson College ​, which is where she received her Bachelor's degree ​ in Screenwriting ​. [9]

She was a part of the following societies: WERS FM, WECB FM, Chocolate Cake City, Inside Joke, Gauge Magazine, em Magazine, Emerson Channel, Gangsters in Concrete, Black Swan (Kasteel Well lit mag), Beyond the Moat (Emerson Channel), Less Than Hero (Emerson Channel), other student productions. [10]

Photo of Jamie Loftus while performing comedy live.


Loftus has showcased several of her skills throughout many of her roles and positions at the jobs over the years that demonstrate a devotion to the arts and its technical aspects. She has worked in cities throughout the East Coast such as Boston ​ and New York City ​. [11]

Growing up and during her time in college, she held several occupations in the service industry as a barista, bartender, cashier a few other positions. [12] ​ While she has worked in the service industry, she is also a highly experienced writer, editor, and creative who has performed different roles at online and print publications. [13]

In broadcasting, she has worked as a news writer at her College's WECB Emerson College Broadcasting. She has also worked the box office for ArtsEmerson, her college's Theatre. She has also worked as a producer for podcasts and videography projects. [14]

Youtube Video
Jamie Loftus - Comedy - 4/17/2017 - Paste Studios, New York, NY.

WERS 88.9 FM

While Loftus has operated and worked at other radio stations, she was involved at WERS 88.9 performing different tasks and roles such as: the Production intern, Production director, music writer, photographer, Weekend assistant director, and many other positions. [15]

Her work also involved research, and interview the slew of acts that perform in the WERS FM studio in Boston. She interviewed people from locals to artists of international note. She also generated content for the wers.org website and music blog. [16]

Animation that's been done by Jamie Loftus.

The Emerson Channel

For several years, Loftus was heavily involved creating content for The Emerson Channel. [17]

Backyard Boston 2013 (Head Writer, August 2013)
Fast Forward Rewind 2013 (Writer/Performer, August 2013)
Breaking News News Flash (Staff Writer, Jan 2012-pres)
Closing Time Live (Head Writer, March 2013-prs)
32nd Annual EVVYs (Staff Writer, Sept. 2012-pres)
Dining Hall Star (Head Writer, May 2012-November 2012)
The Common Agenda (Staff Writer, Jan 2012-May 2012)
Backyard Boston 2012 (Staff Writer, August 2012)
Fast Forward Rewind 2012 (Staff Writer, August 2012)
Beyond the Moat (Staff Writer, Sept. 2011- Dec. 2011)

Talent For:
Breaking News (January 2013-pres)
The Byte (January 2013-pres)
Fast Forward Rewind (August 2013)

Segment Producer:

Fast Forward Rewind 2013 (August 2013)

Art Department:
Every Shade of Wrong (January 2011-May 2011)
Less Than Hero (February 2011-April 2011)
Backyard Boston 2012 (August 2012)
Fast Forward Rewind (August 2012) [18]

Black and white photograph of Jamie Loftus.


Loftus is predominantly a skilled performer in both comedy and improv. She has also done backstage work for playhouses/theaters which have given her the advantage as she spent years being exposed within proximity to some of Boston's best local performers and entertainers. [19]

For ImprovBoston, she was the Director and associate producer, where she worked as the head writer of "Death Wish", a choose-your-own-adventure sketch comedy show on the ImprovBoston Mainstage. [20]

Los Angeles

Some time in 2015, she moved to Los Angeles and began working as the House manager ​ for iO West ​. She also worked as the shift supervisor for Book Soup in the West Hollywood area. [21]


She was the Editorial Assistant / Humor Writer at Playboy Enterprises, Inc. During her time there, she pitched and wrote short features in entertainment and style for print magazines. She contributed to the humor section on Playboy.com and worked with the research team to fact check.  She also assisted in features, layout, and top edits for the publication. [22]

Inverse (website)

Loftus is currently a writer for Inverse. She pitches and writes several news items and culture/humor pieces a day. She also covers events in Los Angeles and  NY. She also illustrates for other writers and creates illustrated features. [23]


Mac and PC, Adobe Audition, Audacity, Adobe Protools, InDesign, FinalCut Pro, TrackIt, ENCO DAD software, Selector/Linker software, stand-up, improv. [24]

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