Jamie Joyce

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Jamie Joyce is a Non-Profit Executive, Blockchain ​ Enthusiast, and Advocate for Scholarly Endeavors based in Orlando, FL ​. She is the Founder of the blockchain project The Internet Government ​ which aims to become a more efficient way to discuss policy proposals. [3]


Joyce attended the University of Central Florida ​ where she was a member of the Sociological Honors Fraternity Alpha Kappa Delta ​. [3] ​ She dropped out after taking the required courses for a degree in Sociology ​.


Leading a hug campaign

Early in her career, Joyce would create art to pay her way in part through school. In order to have access to the machinery needed to create her art, she joined a Hackerspace and was shortly thereafter asked to join the board. She has been a passionate advocate for Makerspace ​ and Maker education, artistic demonstrations (such as "hug" marches), educational opportunities for kids (Leaflets) [3] ​, and urban archiving (WorldWideWebPeaceProject) [10] ​.

Joyce joined IDEAS For Us, an NGO accredited by the United Nations ​ that develops and scales sustainability solutions, in 2015 as a consultant and strategist that coordinates international fundraising campaigns. [6] ​ In 2017, she was promoted to Chief Operating Officer ​ while still being Chairwoman of the Solutions Fund for the organization. [6] ​ Joyce left IDEAS in April 2018 to pursue blockchain projects full-time. [3]

Joyce is the Founder of The Society Library, which operates The Internet Government, the AI Politician, and PIWPEW EDU channel. Inspired by Benjamin Franklin's Junto Club, The Society Library's mission is to archive and contextualize humanity's ideas, ideologies, and world-views in sincere inquiry after truth, understanding, and education. [8] ​ The organization's whitepaper is pending. [8] ​ The Internet Government plans to utilizing blockchain technology to create a meritocracy that creates "a system of representation of perspectives rather than people." [3] ​ The Internet Government intends to come to conclusions through mathematical thresholds between contrary ideas that indicate a "grey area" inbetween them, allowing the parties involved to spot compromises between the opposing arguments. [3]


An artist, Joyce is a three-time honorarium Burning Man ​ artist and a grant/award-winning artist that constructs her art using waste. [6] ​ She calls her work “stuff-sculpting” or “waste painting.” [6] ​ Joyce experiments with discharged electricity in making art and creates wooden books of archived burning man wisdom via laser engraving.