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James Frewin is a British designer and startup entrepreneur. He is currently both Head of Creative at Labstep based at Google's Campus London office in Shoreditch and working as a Community Ambassador for the Google Campus as well.

He is the cofounder of Team Discovery Media, a UK based Internet media, design, development, marketing and branding agency which he started in 2014 with University of Gloucestershire classmate and friend Jordan Garvey.

Despite initially working as an IT Engineer at the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust in his birth city of Oxford, England ; James had long been interested in business, entrepreneurship and design, having taught himself to use Photoshop since the age of 12, he capitalised on the growth of YouTube by designing websites and profile art which he sold to various popular YouTube stars of the time.

In 2013, after working in Healthcare for a couple of years, James decided to pursue design as a career and began studying at the Park campus of Design, Business & Media at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham, England with a focus in Web & App Design where he was nominated for student of the year during his first of four years.

Team Discovery Media

During his second year, for a charity event James travelled to Belgium with classmates Jordan Garvey and James Dupoy documenting their trip using Twitter under the project name "Team Discovery" [9] . Their comedic use of the platform gained a large following at their university which they were persuaded by friends to continue upon their return to the United Kingdom.

After collaborating for a number of months on various small design and web projects, James and Jordan decided to formally register Team Discovery as a business under the name Team Discovery Media Corporation (shortened to Team Discovery Media [10] ) - using their already well-known status at the university to grow the brand they had created via a number of stunts and video projects.


Still in his second year of university, James secured a one-year work placement - resulting from a recommendation from a famous British designer - at Incuna [1] , a leading digital healthcare startup in Oxford where he worked for two years and developed his knowledge of business, startup practices and really honed his skills in digital design.

In order to gain additional [2] startup experience, James worked a number of jobs including International Brand Manager for anonymous social media app Yik Yak where he worked on brand growth, Product Designer at Valencia-based laundry app Mr Jeff [8] and Geofilter Designer for Snapchat where his designs have been featured at places like the Statue of Liberty, New York City and have been viewed more than 11 million times across the globe.

James was offered a position lecturing in "Apps & Startup Pitching" to a class of second-year Music & Media Management students during his final year at University and has given a number of talks on the subjects of Design, Media, Technology, Business, Startups, and Motivation. James is an extremely active social media user on Twitter [3] , Instagram [4] , Snapchat [5] , Whale [6] and Product Hunt [7] .


A keen sports player, James has played soccer his whole life initially attending a Brazilian Futsal Academy in the UK as a child before moving into 11v11 soccer. James held positions on the soccer and athletics teams at his High School and worked as a sports coach during his first and second years of University. In his final year at the University of Gloucestershire, James played as an Outside on the University Volleyball team.

Podcast & Interviews

In 2017 James and BBC Presenter & friend Tom Clarke created the Team Discovery Audio Experience podcast which is available to listen on iTunes and SoundCloud.

The Team Discovery Audio Experience Podcast Logo

James has been interviewed for many different projects including a feature in a book about the mindset of a founder and another time with Alex Hawkins of Tone Radio to promote Smoother Things [11] , a small Smoothie-as-a-Service business he started in the summer of 2016 with Jordan Garvey. The interview [12] is available on James' SoundCloud profile.


In February 2017 James was listed on Everipedia's 30 Under 30 (2017) and was the only British person to make the list.

In May 2017 TheNextWeb.com included James in their T500 List of Visionary Under 25 Creatives [19] which was announced at their TNW2017 Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Labstep & Google Campus

In mid-2017 James joined venture-backed startup Labstep as their Head of Creative, situated within Google's Campus London office in Shoreditch.

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