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​Iryna Harpy is a retired​ tutor ​ and Wikipedian who claims to be a descendant of Zaporozhian Cossacks and is currently residing in Australia. [5] ​ Harpy has been accused on Reddit ​ of editing Russian related Wikipedia ​ articles to give them a non- neutral, anti-Russian bias . [5] [1] ​ She has also been thought to be part of a cabal ​, which is led by the Wikipedian Volunteer Marek (also known as Radek Szulga ​) that have been pushing their biased point of view since 2004. [1]

Harpy has also been accused of bullying ​, editing in bad faith [2] and gaming the system of Wikipedia. [4] Wikispooks ​ has compiled a table below grading the level of gaming of users within the cabal, where "Level" is a 1 to 5 score where 1=slight/subtle and 5=outright/blatant. Harpy was awarded a Level 4 out of 5:

Account Level
Volunteer Marek ( Radek Szulga ​) Russia, Ukraine 5
Sayerslle Russia, Ukraine, Syria ​, Bellingcat ​ (blocked for 2mths in Feb 2015) 4
Iryna Harpy Russia, Ukraine 4
Bdell555 Ukraine, Fracking 4
Kudzu1 Russia, Ukraine, Syria 4
Geogene Russia, Ukraine 3
Stickee Russia, Ukraine 3
Jtydog Glyphosate 3
Supreme Deliciousness Syria 3
My Very Best Wishes Russia, Ukraine 2
Martinevans123 MH17 1 [4]

The list of allegedly anti-Russian articles biased by Harpy's cabal includes :

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