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Ira Judelson is an American ​ legal loan shark and Bail bondsman ​ known for his high-profile work with celebrities and famous people such as Ja Rule ​ and

Conor McGregor. [1] [2] ​ He is considered one of the most important people connected to the criminal justice system throughout New York City. [3]

Photo of Ira Judelson holding handcuffs while talking on the phone.

Personal Life

Judelson is a native of New York City ​, a place that has become central in his career in the criminal system. [4] [5] ​ He lives with his family in Harrison, New York. [1] ​ He is the father of Casey Judelson ​. His wife is Blake Judelson. [2] [16]

He is known as being a great Softball ​ player. [7]


Judelson has attended Iona College ​. [8]


After being out of a job at the age of 28  years old, living with his parents, and being unmarried, he decided to get into the Bail bonds ​ industry. After paying a visit to the sponsor of his softball team, he overheard him on the phone speaking to his client about a bail bondsman. [9]

He had an uncle named Phil who was in the bail bonds business and asked for

Photo of the book that he has written called, The Fixer.

a job. After a year, he was able to open his own firm in Queens. [10]

Bail Bondsman

Since the 1990s, Judelson has made a name for himself in the criminal justice system after he began to work with clients who are considered to be famous in the music and entertainment industry. [11] [12] ​He is now a prominent licensed Bail Bondsman who for nearly twenty years, has undertaken some of the most difficult bails in New York City history; for notorious defendant-celebrities and thousands of common criminals. He is well known to those in the justice system for his no-nonsense demeanor, his charismatic charm, and his ability to “read” a prospective client. [13] [14] [16]

Youtube Video
Ira Judelson Interview.


Lawrence Taylor ​, Plaxico Burress ​, the former New York Giants ​; the rappers Old Dirty Bastard ​, Ja Rule ​ and DMX ​; Kristin Davis, once the leader of a prostitution ring; Robert Joel Halderman ​, the Emmy-winning CBS producer who tried to extort money from David Letterman ​; and Calvin R. Darden Jr., the stockbroker who defrauded companies that he wooed with his celebrity connections; Katt Williams ​, Comedian and actor. [17]

In The Media

Conor McGregor ​ Bail

On the evening of April 6th, 2018, a day after Conor McGregor ​ was arrested on charges of mischief and assault, Judelson helped out the superstar with his placing the bond money. McGregor's assets from Ireland would've taken days to arrive. [18]

After McGregor was bailed out of jail, he made a visit to Judelson's officer. He was met by Casey, Judelson's teenage son, who is an aspiring MMA fighter. A photography taken of Casey was taken of him walking side to side with McGregor as they enter the courthouse. [19]

Casey's father, Ira Judelson, posted a total of $75,000 to bail McGregor and Cian Cowley. Once McGregor was inside of the Ira Judelson offices, he took a photo with his son, Casey. McGregor has stated that his team plans to recruit Casey. [20]

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