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The Concept

 iOWN Group [1]​ is aiming to modernize and simplify the investment opportunities through a decentralized platform accessible by all kinds of users from trading bingers to experts and Business owners all over the world. In order to achieve that, the company has classified the process of execution to the following parts:

  1.  iOWN Platform, is the core system which will be built in the first phase. The platform fund will be raised by global funding campaign and initial coin offering (ICO). As a reward of iOWN platform funders, all participants will have the chance of using their purchased tokens to benefit from platform services after release.

    -iOWN Platform elements are (iOWN App and Website, Platform Database, iOWN investors wallet, iOWN Token, Blockchain API, iOWN KYC Module, iOWN Services catalog, iOWN ODR system and iOWN Oracle).

  2. iOWN Ecosystem, the Ecosystem will address the execution of iOWN platform services, the Ecosystem is Blockchain based. It will be developed and tightly integrated with iOWN platform to give the users the ability to use the tokens in a simple, secured and trusted way. This means they can access the platform and select the service (s) they are interested in. Then the Ecosystem will sell their iOWN tokens to iOWN group to participate in a deal or project. iOWN Ecosystem will digitally and safely execute the transactions and deliver the service outcomes to users in shape of iOWN Tokens or by other methods which will be detailed in the technology section.

iOWN Platform investment services

 iOWN Platform will give it users the opportunity to use the recent payment system - 

Cryptocurrency to choose from below investment services and deals.

Equity of profitable Running Business

Running Business expansion share

Funding startup

Buy/Sell shares of Personal assets

Buy/Sell shared of Commercial assets

Fund SMB Projects

Business Lending


Charity and Donation

Team Members

- The group has the following team members:

● Abdulrahman Sraidy - Project Manager

 Sulaiman Dawod - Art Director

 Alex Sayegh - IT Director

 Mohamad Sraidy - Commercial Manager

 Ashraf Al Qudah - Business Development Director

 Zina Ashour - Marketing Director         

 Emad Murrar - Finance Director

 Husein Aldarawish - HR Manager

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