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INTChain is a blockchain ​ application platform and interaction standard for the IoT. INT is the acronym for Internet Node Token. INT token is used to facilitate the resource exchange between nodes and heterogeneous ​ links. INT aims to build a scheme that allows data and resources to flow freely within the network and to ensure user privacy in untrusted and decentralized machine federations. “Thearchy” chain as INT’s relay chain, serve as the anchor point, linking together many subchains and relaying information between them. [1]


INT V1.0 white paper ​ released on August 11th 2017, and launched ICO on August 21th 2017. INT Singapore Foundation as it's owner was established on September 15th 2017. On February 1st 2018, China first IoT public chain- INT chain launched. On April 12th 2018, INT released open-source code on GitHub ​. [3] On April 27 2018, INT chain 2.0 global public beta started. April 30 2018, INT V2.0 white paper released. July 6 2018, INT chain digital asset brief report was published. [2]

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