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INSITUM is a Mexico based, privately owned consulting firm, which helps companies improve their services, products, brands, and processes through an understanding of the users’ needs.[1] [2]


INSITUM innovatively helps companies by crafting better strategies, designing better customer experience and envisioning new products.[3] The company partners with organizations to solve business problems from the methods drawn from cognitive psychology, communication devices, anthropology, and business strategy uniquely.[2] [4][5] [6] [7] INSITUM handles international, regional, and local projects regarding digital Interaction, product strategy, brand development, and strategic research.[4] [5] The company has its offices in Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East.[8] [1] [9]

Luis Arnal:

Luis Arnal is the CEO, Founder, and President at INSITUM. [3] [11] [12] Arnal was involved in many innovation projects in a wide variety of sectors like FMCG, oil and mining, telecom, real estate, banking & insurance, pharmaceuticals, and B2B.[3] Before INSITUM, Arnal worked as a strategy consultant in Barcelona at DiamondCluster and in Chicago at E-Lab(now PublicisSapient).[3]

Awards and recognitions:

FastCompany listed INSITUM as one of the worlds top 10 innovative companies of the year 2015 in Latin America.[1] [13]

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