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InnovaCare, headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey[1] have been in operation since 1998, they provide effective managed healthcare solutions for a variety of organizations throughout the United States. The company has a two-decade track record assisting the healthcare industry to adapt and advance during industry transformation.[2] The organization has a membership base of over 200,000 individuals. Since their inception, InnovaCare have gained a reputation of excellence with their affordable, reliable and sustainable services. They have been at the forefront of several disaster relief efforts.[4]

The company was founded by Richard Shinto, who currently serves as its President and CEO. In 1998, Shinto was practicing as a physician and joined North American Medical Management (NAMM) in California. While being involved with NAMM, he came to understand the need for healthcare organizations to find better and more efficient ways to deliver quality care in the changing market. Through NAMM, he began helping physician groups meet an unmet need for operational expertise.[8]

Next, in 2003, NAMM became partners with the Straus Group. The Straus Group was led by a philanthropist and healthcare entrepreneur named Daniel E. Straus. Straus served as Chairman of the Board of this new organization, which grew very rapidly. This new entity established physician networks, health plans, managed care opportunities, and it acquired MMM Healthcare in Puerto Rico in its first eight years of existence.

In December 2012, it sold some NAMM properties and officially formed Innovacare Health. Innovacare has continued this successful expansion and has also moved into the Medicaid market. Straus holds the position of Chairman of the Board for InnovaCare and Dr. Shinto serves as its CEO and President.

Both Straus and Shinto bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the mission of InnovaCare[3]. Dr. Shinto has more than 25 years of both clinical and operational experience with managed care and healthcare. In addition to his executive position with InnovaCare, he serves as the CEO of its subsidiaries in Puerto Rico through MMM Holdings. Puerto Rico’s biggest and longest-running Medicare Advantage Plan is part of MMM Healthcare. Shinto is also on the board of directors for America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), the largest trade association in the industry, and for America’s Physician Groups, a leading physician organization for the delegated coordinated care model.

Straus also serves as principal and CEO of related companies that invest in healthcare service businesses. He has a law degree from New York University and before forming Multicare, he practiced as an associate. More information on Straus can be found on his personal website.[9]

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