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​Inmusik is a decentralized music ​-orientated social networking application ​ and service for emerging music artists to share their talent with music fans. [4]

Inmusik Economic Model


Based in Irvine, CA ​​, United States ​, the company was founded by Jasmine Wu, Maret Eiland, Stephen Brett, Vivienne Piong with the vision of creating a disruptive technology ​ that rewards artists fairly for their work and revolutionizes the copyright management system ​ for the entire music industry ​, using blockchain. [1] The company has a large number of high level advisors. [4]

Sound Coin

Inmusik’s Cryptocurrency ​, called Sound Coin ($OUND tokens), enables fans, artists, record labels ​, and everyone in the value chain ​ to be fairly rewarded in direct proportion to the measurable value their contribution brings to the community ​. The system is designed to mathematically ​ recognize contributions and automatically pay users. [4] ​ Sound wallets and 400,000,000 $OUND tokens are scheduled to be issued in Quarter 4 2018 with 10,000 $OUND intended to equal one Etherium ​. [8]


The company is offering a bounty to users of it's website for completing six simple tasks to earn up to 150 $OUND tokens. [4]

Inmusik graphic

Future applications

Future applications have been suggested to include :

  • Tracking of Radio plays and management of payouts
  • Tracking of TV/Movie plays and management of payouts
  • Using AI to understand emotional connectio users have with music
  • Live streaming of concerts
  • Music recording software
  • Live ticketing solutions
  • Profit sharing of live events
  • Merchandise printed on demand with simpler logistics
  • Music education online
  • Online mixing, production and mastering services
  • Online music collaboration
  • Copyright protection and usage tracking
  • Review platform for artists and writers
  • Blogging platform for industry professionals, producers, mixers, etc.
  • Virtual recording sessions
  • Band matching by calculating fan overlaps
  • Location services for festivals
  • Crowd funding for artists
  • A range of music creation services
  • A range of music financial services
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